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Music at Balliceaux this week

Your musical options Monday through Saturday.

Brunch and exciting electric football action at Balliceaux on Saturday

If you don’t know the thrill of watching little plastic men skitter across a metal field you haven’t lived.

Imarhan Timbuktu at Balliceaux

A chance to hear what’s hot in dance clubs and private parties in Northern Mali.

Food news: the West End gets a new burger joint, Balliceaux stops lunch, and two amazing food fests

This week Burger Bach opens their new West End location, Balliceaux announces they’ll no longer serve lunch, and a ton of Virginia chefs get busy (cooking at festivals).

No more lunch at Balliceaux

From the Balliceaux Facebook: “Good day, friends. With a heavy heart, we are bringing our lunch service to a close.”

5 Things

Which of you doubting Thomases thought we couldn’t pull together a FOURTH weekend of insanely worthwhile holiday cheer!? Pssht.

Mekong wins, S@mple closes, and Balliceaux gets a new chef

It’s been a tumultuous week for food fans as two restaurants have announced closures, but a favorite restaurant has won national recognition. These things, plus two festivals and the State Fair!

5 Things

Fall is sort of here! Let us embrace it with sweatshirts and cookies and dancing and more dancing!

Matthew E. White’s debut album, ‘Big Inner’, released today

The anticipated album from one of RVA’s top local musicians has already earned national press.

5 Things

This weekend is kind of all over the place, but it’s endearing. No one wants a boring dud of a weekend!

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