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My history teacher is running for mayor: A chat with Chad Ingold

Intern Chris sits down with his history teacher and quizzes him on how he’d like to run the city. Oh, how the tables have turned!

So you want to run for local office…

Put your money where your mouth is! We will tell you how!

Kristen Larson Officially Launches Campaign for Richmond 4th District City Council Seat

We must stop the annual battle of educational funding versus leaf collection or public safety.

Parker C. Agelasto Running for Re-election to City Council

The City must become more effective and efficient with its limited resources.

School Board Member Kristen Larson announce bid for City Council

Kristen Larson will be hosting a meeting at Zata (formally Taza) at 5047 Forest Hill Avenue at 6 pm on Monday, April 25th to share her vision for this new position.

Rick Tatnall is running for Mayor

I believe that Richmond, America and all mankind face daunting obstacles that can only be overcome with an immediate and massive outpouring of involvement from the citizens.

PHOTOS: Scott’s Addition is feeling the Bern

A new Bernie Sanders mural, created by local artist Mickael Broth, is currently going up at the corner of West Broad Street and Mactavish Avenue.

Primary Primer

It’s primary day in Virginia!

What DOES the public want in their next mayor?

The Times-Dispatch hosted a Public Square event today that shed some light on what at least one group of people want to see as a result of mayoral elections this year.

Politics take the high road with anti-Trump flag hanging off I-95

A brave soul risked life, limb, and a trespassing charge to get that flag up.