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Day #021: RVA Survival Station and an RVA Coin

Richmond has no shortage of panhandlers and no shortage of people who want to help, but simply giving money to every person who asks on the street is unreasonable and, in many ways, inefficient.

Day #020: Build a stronger culture of inclusivity for individuals with disabilities

Where can someone in a wheelchair get coffee or a beer at a bar without the fear of getting elbowed in the head?

Day #019: Strengthen RVA’s identity as a three-university town

Cross-town rec sports rivalries and collaborative concerts could be a fun way to strengthen bonds between Richmond’s three great universities.

Day #018: Free and unlimited parking for hybrids and electric cars

Forget the repealed state alternative fuel registration fee, Richmond should incentivize hybrids and electric cars.

Day #017: A fee for calling the police for a noise complaint

Some services shouldn’t be entirely tax payer funded.

Day #016: Tap into the economic power of immigration

The strongest case for Richmond embracing immigrants and refugees: economics.

Day #015: Stop building futon buildings

What are we doing to encourage development worthy of future generations?

Day #014: Richmond alerts

Almost 25% of the city is signed up for VCU alerts. It’s time to build an RVA-wide system.

Day #013: Better access to drinking water

Access to public drinking water is inadequate in Richmond, and everyone from the homeless to runners suffers.

Day #012: Auction off on-street parking

Parking predictability has a monetary value–it’s time for the city to sell it.

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