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Day #011: Smart parking meters

Should a lawyer have to move her car every two hours if she’s willing to pay the city $20 per day for front row, on-street parking?

Day #010: Red Tool Box

Why buy a power saw for $100 when you could easily rent it for a fraction of the cost?

Day #009: End the noise ordinance

How much do you value silence?

Day #008: Embrace non-Civil War History

Interesting history happened in Richmond outside of the years 1861-1865, and it’s time to give that history a home

Day #007: Airport express

If you can’t bum rides from friends or family, then traveling between Richmond and RIC is far too difficult.

Day #006: Food subscripts

Subscripts to avoid deadly nuts if you’re allergic or just garlic if you’re on a date. 

Day #005: Little free sports libraries

Take a basketball, return a frisbee .

Day #004: Water quality signage in the James River Park System

A cheap and easy improvement that could inform river goers and improve water quality for everyone.

Day #003: Make “welcome week” a city wide event

Noise, trash, bikes, and how yelling at transient college students is like fighting windmills.

Day #002: Embrace Uber and Lyft

Few industries are in as much need of creative destruction as taxis.

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