Friday for the Arts! Schedule for Jan 8

BELOW IS THE ENTIRE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FOR JAN 8 – HELD IN HISTORIC OLD TOWNE PETERSBURG – 6-10 pm William R. McKenney Library 137 S. Sycamore St., (804) 733-2387, open Mon. & Wed., 9-9, and Tues. & Thurs.-Sat., 9:00-5:30 Opening Reception: Lower Level Meeting Room & Gallery: “Stop Motion Animation Meets Traditional Art,” by artist & jeweler […]


William R. McKenney Library
137 S. Sycamore St., (804) 733-2387, open Mon. & Wed., 9-9, and Tues. & Thurs.-Sat., 9:00-5:30
Opening Reception: Lower Level Meeting Room & Gallery: “Stop Motion Animation Meets Traditional Art,” by artist & jeweler Sheila Thomas, a 2002 graduate of VCU with Magna Cum Laude BRA in Art Education. 6:00-9:30 pm. She has displayed her work in numerous shows in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. She creates highly stylized representational paintings that reflect her love of music and pop culture, and jewelry that consists of hammered and/or stamped sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Her artwork is unusual and embodies her bold and colorful personality. Don’t miss!

Augustus Wright Block, South Building
17 North Sycamore Street
Continuing Storefront Window Exhibit: “Clean Sweep.” Ron Walton, an internationally-known abstract artist born & raised in New York City, presents this large, vibrantly colorful, traffic-stopping work made from plastic bottles, cans, wood, PVC piping, wire, & tennis balls. New art galleries will open next door next month, and here within the next few months.

Stories n Storefronts
1, 11, & 110 North Sycamore St.
Continuing Storefront Window Exhibit: Number 11: Trunks, Travel, and Trains. The window tells the story of those bygone days with a display of vintage luggage, including a trunk from Seward and a trunk with a locking mechanism made by the Standard Locking Company. From various contributors there are vintage ads about bagging- and harness-making companies in Petersburg. There is a postcard from the collection of Russell Davis depicting Union Station..
Continuing Storefront Window Exhibit: The windows in Number 110 contain an exhibit entitled “A Touch of Hollywood” Fashion Designs & Finds by Daphne Maxwell-Reid.” Well-known for her role as Aunt Viv on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” Maxwell-Reid is also a fashion designer.
Continuing Storefront Window Exhibit: Number 1 will have an exhibit of prints enlarged from Petersburg Postcards, courtesy of Russell Wayne Davis, showing images from Halifax Triangle to the river, as well as VSU. Look for the opening soon, in this location, of 2 Dots, a restaurant offering Southern cuisine.

Petersburg Regional Art Center
132 N. Sycamore St., (804) 733-8200,, open Wednesday-Saturday, 10-4
January All-Media Juried Show: Main Gallery: Juror: Lawrence Hawthorne, who for eight years has served on the faculty of VSU’s Art & Design Department, where he has worked in various ways to improve the standing of his department, co-chairing the 2004 Multicultural Camp, chairing the curriculum committee, and fashioning the department’s offerings in sculpture and ceramics. Currently a resident of Petersburg, Hawthorne is a native of Richmond, and a product of Richmond’s Arts & Humanities Center. He received his BFA in sculpture from VCU and his MFA in sculpture from the University of Kentucky. As an artist, his work consists of primordial & minimalist forms created using a variety of materials from resin to clay, metal, and concrete, accented with light. He also serves on the board of the regional arts council, and has taken part in many exhibits, both as an exhibitor and as a juror.
Main Gallery show ends February 6. Don’t miss!
Awards Ceremony: 7:30 pm.
Live Music: Rippleshot
Opening Receptions: New Exhibits: Mezzanine Gallery Shows: Peggy Farrar
(watercolors); Maria Crafton Acord (”A Complicated Vision”); Trash to Treasures Line Gallery (photographs); Sally Valentine (mixed media); & the Chester Artists Association (mixed media). The Mezzanine Gallery shows end on February 6, 2010.
Ongoing Exhibit: Mezzanine Gallery:Landscapes by Wade Hampton Goodwyn, III.
Open House studio shows by more than 100 artists, on four floors.
Office of Sheriff Vanessa Crawford
Courthouse Square, (804) 733-2369
New Exhibit: Work by local artist Christopher Alexander, who a realist oil painter who enjoys painting seascapes, landscapes, country roads, bridges and trains. Acrylics and oils are his preferred media. At an early age he knew he wanted to become an artist. He studied art and painting while attending Virginia State University and John Tyler Community College. One night only.
Art Underfoot
On the sidewalks in the 200-block of North Sycamore Street; for information call Kimberly Ann Calos at (804) 586-1633, or email her at
New Public Art: Original works of art created by some of the premier artists in the area on historic Old Town sidewalks. More than fifty artists have painted 60-plus concrete “canvasses” with designs ranging from abstract to realistic, creating a carpet of color that connects Old Town to the newest venues for local art further south on Sycamore Street. The artists range in age from infant to 70 and are a kaleidoscope of ethnicities, beliefs, and professions. For some, art is their sole livelihood; for most it is their favorite pastime. Some folks painted one piece, others several. Some worked on their designs for days and days; others were done in a few hours; most came from Petersburg; others from Richmond, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Matoaca, Chester, Midlothian, Disputanta, Charlottesville, West Point, and Ettrick. Students from VCU, VSU, and Blandford Academy participated. Some artists have disabilities but all are tremendously talented visionaries who transformed images from sketches, photographs, or their imaginations onto the rock-hard, bumpy surface with seemingly little effort. All of the artists donated their time and talents. Organized by Kimberly Ann Calos, Gail McCann, Barry Roebuck, and Mark Pehanich, in collaboration with the City of Petersburg, Franklin Development Corporation (who donated $1,000), and Palmore Decorating Center (who provided the paint at cost). Don’t miss!

Dixie Diner
250 N. Sycamore St., (804) 732-7425, open Mon.-Sun., varying hours
Continuing exhibit: “13•22” and “Crest of Humility” by Douglas Hamilton.
Continuing Exhibit: Slinky darlings, by Prince George High School student Erin Copeland.
Continuing Exhibit: New Renaissance photographs by Kevin Hedgecock (U.S. Navy).
Continuing Exhibit: Canvas faces by the Roebucks.
Live music: Dale Traylor, beach music sing-along, 6:00 to 9:00 pm; Roger Bowyer & Chad Mosson (rock), 9:00 pm to 2:00 am.
Late Night Breakfast served until 3:00 am.

New Rivers’ Edge & Upscale Resale
16 West Bank St., (804) 722-0605,, varying hours
New Exhibit: To celebrate Edgar Allan Poe’s 201st birthday, Rivers’ Edge Interiors in Petersburg announces the public release of the limited edition print, “Poe’s Honeymoon,” signed and numbered in pencil by the celebrated artist, Sterling Hundley, known for his work in Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Virginia Living, and many national magazines. The striking illustration, featured in the January 2009 issue of Richmond magazine, is the first, and the only known artist’s depiction of Poe’s honeymoon with his cousin Virginia Clemm. Limited to an edition of 200, each has been signed and numbered by the artist at the very site where the honeymoon couple stayed, in the former Hiram Haines Coffee House, 12 West Bank Street, in Petersburg Virginia. Printed on 100-lb paper, each print is museum-quality, and a true work of art as well as a timeless Poe collectible. This edition will never be produced again. Each measures 17 5/8 by 18 3/4 inches and comes with a certificate of authenticity dated 2009 (the bicentennial year) plus a history of Hiram Haines Coffee House and the story of Poe’s marriage to his cousin Virginia Clemm and the honeymoon. Cost: $125 each.
Tours: If you purchase the print ahead of time or during Friday for the Arts!, on January 8, from 7 to 11 PM, you will be treated to a pre-restoration tour of the quarters where Poe and his bride stayed, above the former Hiram Haines Coffee House. (Your name will be on our list if you buy ahead of time – just mention that you have done so.) Don’t miss this opportunity to view an historic site and see what theatrical surprises we have in store upstairs!
Continuing Exhibit: Important new work by Aimee Joyaux and Rod Givens.
Continuing Exhibit: Artistic children’s furnishings by Glenna Jean.
Preparing for Hiram Haines Coffeehouse and Restorative Shop at 12 West Bank Street: Tee-shirts featuring a “Poe Virginia” drawing by Andrew Stronge, one of the artists who participated in Art Underfoot. Soapstone coasters printed with photographic images of Poe and Virginia.

Siege Museum
15 West Bank Street, (804) 733-2427
Continuing Exhibit: Ground Floor Gallery: Petersburg 1909.
A display commemorating the centennial anniversary of President Taft’s visit to Petersburg in 1909. Includes Petersburg-Area Images of Lewis Wickes Hine. Photographs taken by Hine during his visit to Virginia in 1911 documenting working and living conditions for factory and mill workers in Petersburg and Matoaca in the first decades of the twentieth century.
Continuing Exhibit: Ground-floor Gallery: Civil War Photographs of Petersburg.

Charles Leonard Building
20 W. Bank St., open by appointment
Continuing Exhibit: In the storefront windows: Work by Midlothian mosaicist & Petersburg High School graduate Jacki Sowers, who adds, as a part of this wonderful display, “School Spirit,” a mosaiced mannequin couple, representing a PHS couple from the 1950s & 1960s.

The Gallery at Purple Passion
29 W. Bank St., (804) 863-1943, open Tues.-Sat., 10-6
New Exhibit and Reception: The walls of the gallery will display the paintings of one of Purple Passion’s local favorites, W.H. Goodwyn III, of Waverly, whose meticulously painted scenes taken from Tidewater and mountain landscapes are always a big hit. Don’t miss! January clearance sale: 50% off of everything in the store.

Cockade City Grill
305 N. Sycamore St., (804) 862-2537
Live Music: TBA, 9:00 pm-1:00 am.
302 N. Sycamore St., (804) 722-4372
Live Music: Kyle Davis (acoustic keyboards and guitar; national recording artist). 10:00 pm until 1:00 am.

The Oak Antique Mall
400 N. Sycamore St. (804) 861-6111, Mon.-Fri. 10-8, Sat 10-6, Sun. 12-5.
Continuing Exhibit: New brightly colored abstract acrylic paintings by local artist Elizabeth Thacker, who holds a BFA from VCU. This group of paintings concentrates on renderings of trees and nautilus shells. Sales throughout the store.

Verve 27 Gallery
27 Bollingbrook Street
New Exhibits: New Project Room & Petit Salon: A selection of prints & original art.
New Exhibit: New wood pieces by local wood-turner Jack Hayes.
New Exhibit: Exquisite watercolors by Virginia artist Brenda Bickerstaff-Stanly.
Continuing Exhibit: In the Main Gallery: “Fauna, Facce and Finestre.” a collection of work by Pam Roberts, who lives and works in Petersburg though she was born in New York City. After graduating with honors with a fine arts degree from Northeastern University, she continued classes through the VMFA museum school and VCU graduate classes in painting, and has studied under distinguished artists such as Corey Silverman, Joan Elliott, and Laura Loe. She reports her greatest influence as the “Ashcan School” of art made popular in the 1930’s. This work does not idealize the world but shows it for what it is. It is genuine and gritty. But her work nevertheless includes that which amuses or fascinates her. She loves vibrant color. “I love to paint,” she says. “I can become totally lost in the moment but keep true to the story of each painting.” Roberts’ portraits reflect her skills as an award-winning painter, and her portfolio demonstrates her ability to capture the unique personalities of her subjects. In addition to her many personal portraits is a new series of animals in historic or playful costumes and often put in the same frame with their nemesis. Even with this more playful work, she takes every commission seriously and provides the research and study required to capture the nuance of personality of each animal as they “pose” for their portrait. Another differentiator is her attention to detail in the background. This attention is deliberate so that the work can stand up against other collections the buyer may have. Currently she is the Gallery Administrator for Petersburg Area Art League, where she helps to nurture other artists and promote their work in the community. Continuing exhibits: Work by many other important artists, including Carol Anna Meese; Ron Kent, a world-renowned artist in wood; and Wes Hunting, who produces wonderfully playful work in glass.
Upstairs in the Gallery: additional new paintings & bin work by Carol Anna Meese available, surrounded by heavenly scents, beauty gift items, & certificates for massages through the Therapeutic Massage Center. Don’t miss!

Therapeutic Massage Center & Boutique
27 Bollingbrook Street (upstairs), (804) 722-1720, open Monday-Saturday, 10-5
Continuing Exhibit: Allegorey. A select jewelry collection of imaginative-designed necklaces and earrings in an eclectic mix of crystals, pearls, European Art Glass, mixed metals, and stone by Nancy E. Hendry “Living locally and designing independently.”
Continuing Exhibit: In the Gallery: New work by Carol Meese.

29 Bollingbrook Street, (804) 862-1365,, Mon.-Thurs., 11:00 am to 9:00 pm; Fri-Sat., 11:00 am to 12;30 am, or until . . . .
Continuing Exhibit: Tavern: Absurnatural: New Work by Kevin Orlosky. Richmond artist Kevin Orlosky returns to Wabi-Sabi to exhibit a new series of work exemplifying absurdities between predator and prey. “It is my duty,” he says, “to provoke change, and raise awareness of the downfalls and faults of American culture. That one day we may use it only to better ourselves.” Orlosky received his BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2004. In addition to showing his work previously at Wabi-Sabi, he has exhibited in Petersburg at Sycamore Rouge; in Richmond at Artworks, Gallery 5, and the Jefferson Hotel; and in Milan, Italy, at MiArt. Continuing Exhibit: Music Room: New work by Rishigun Olomidun, who received his Masters in Art from Columbia College, Chicago, in 2001. Using abstract subconscious imagery, he focuses on the African-American experience and reverence for the ancestors.
Live Music: Cashmere Jungle Lords. This Richmond trio (Dominic Carpin on guitar & vocals, John Dacey on bass, guitar, & vocals, & Todd Woodson on drums), led by Carpin from the beginning, is a “freaky whacked out band” that’s been around for more than two decades, getting its start in an upstairs Oregon Hill apartment in 1984. Called by College Music Journal “one of the South’s best-kept secrets,” the band plays what they call “Southern-fried salsa surfabilly,” or “western surf jungle rock.” They play electric music in a somewhat standard bass guitar & drum format, but also deliver an acoustic “swamp set” incorporating double bass fiddle, congas, bongos, tambourines, & maracas. The band over the years has toured the nation. In San Francisco, a reviewer said that they deliver “haunting Latin & surf guitar, rollicking rockabilly refrains, velvety lounge melodies, & pop- pick-me-ups. It’s downright hair-raising ”or seductive, giddy, sinister, & festive,” according to mood. The band has played with The Who, Bruce Hornsby, Sick Puppies, Buckwheat Zydeco, Southern Culture on the Skids, & many others. 9:00 pm to 12 midnight. Don’t miss!

The Funky Lamm
12 Bollingbrook Street, (804) 733-1766
New Exhibit: Voodoo/EMO artwork by Leslie Johnson, and work by Barry Roebuck.
Live Music: Acoustic lyrics & guitar by Scott Tierman, 6:00-10:00 pm.

Andrade’s International Restaurant
7 Bollingbrook Street (804) 733-1515
Continuing Exhibit, Main Dining Room: Paintings by Paul C. Penrod.
Continuing Exhibit: Main Dining Room, Corridor Gallery: Irish Art by Jeannie Cameron.
Continuing Exhibit, Corridor Gallery: Drawings of the R/UDAT vision for downtown Petersburg.

Petersburg Area Art League
7 E. Old St., (804) 861-4611,, open Tuesday-Saturday, 12 noon to 6 pm
Opening Reception: Main Gallery & Upstairs Gallery: African Art: The Grahl Collection. Kay & Larry Grahl became fascinated with the beautiful continent of Africa in the early 1960s, during the time they spent in the Peace Corps, and while serving tours of duty with the U.S. State Department. They will display their rare and remarkable collection of artifacts imported from Liberia, Nigeria, Benin, Senegal, and Burkina Faso. The artifacts include an impressive aluminum & copper repousse created by artist Asiru Olantunde during a period of artistic awakening immediately following the Nigerian civil war. In addition, there will be musical instruments, native textiles, ceremonial masks, open-fire cooking pottery, colorful wax prints, richly-embroidered clothing, tribal hand-wrought iron pennies, and more. The Grahls will also share their extensive stories relating to their experiences in the African continent. Don’t miss!

Maria’s Cafe & Italian Restaurant
16 West Old Street, (804) 862-3100,
Live music: Michael Redman (jazz sax) & Gil Edwards (jazz vocals), 8:00-9:30 pm.

The Bistro at Market & Grove
434 N. Market St., (804) 732-4480
Continuing Exhibit: Paintings in a variety of media by local artists Donna H. Williams and Savannah Cabral, the Artistic Ladies. They work in pastels, oils, acrylics, and colored pencils, focusing on nature and the environment. By paying close attention to color and composition, they emphasize the rhythm and textures of their paintings, creating more involvement with the viewer.

A Timeline for the Evening:
6:00-10:00 pm Friday for the Arts! visual arts openings
6:00-10:00 pm Scott Tierman (acoustic) at The Funky Lamm
6:00-9:00 pm Dale Traylor, at the Dixie Diner
7:00-9:30 pm Rippleshot at PRAC
8:00-9:30 pm Michael Redman (sax) & Gil Edwards vocalist) at Maria’s
9:00 pm Exhibits close at PAAL
9:00 pm to midnight Cashmere Jungle Lords, at Wabi-Sabi
9:00 pm to 1:00 am TBA at the Cockade
9:00 pm to 2:00 am Roger Bowyer & Chad Mosson (rock), at the Dixie Diner
10:00 pm to 1 am Kyle Davis (acoustic keyboards & guitar) at Longstreet’s
2:00-3:00 am Late Night Breakfast at the Dixie Diner


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