Our favorite moving pictures of WWC 2015

We’ll be updating this as we find gems in the wilds of the internet. A non-moving picture or Tweet might appear as well.

Update #2 — June 23, 2015; 11:40 AM

A bit of a dive with gratuitous grabbing of the non-touched face.

Sometimes the pitch simply isn’t big enough.

Some great moments.

My favorite from the previous clips.

It was a close race but in the end there can only be one winner.

Speaking of winners, this is full of nothing but win.

— ∮∮∮ —

Update #1 — June 15, 2015; 10:59 AM

Marta being very Marta

Beautiful shot.

It’s a big deal for everyone involved.

I’m no expert but I don’t think you can do that legally.

Next time someone tells you soccer isn’t physical show them this one.

Cutting it a little close.

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Original — June 11, 2015

First, there’s this:


Fox Sports tries semi-successfully to piggyback on last summer’s World Cup.

Nike does what Nike does.

Nationwide takes Alex Morgan’s signature pink headband and runs with it.

How about a flip throw in by Leah Fortune of Brazil?

Jill Scott of England doing a little warm up.

The definition of tenacity.

Image: Paul Brown

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