Richmond has great bicycle shops

Despite being unbearably hot for 10 weeks every year, a fair number of hills, and an almost complete lack of supporting public infrastructure, Richmond is a great bicycling city. Really!

Despite being unbearably hot for 10 weeks every year, a fair number of hills, and an almost complete lack of supporting public infrastructure, Richmond is a great bicycling city. Really!

In addition to a great loop of mountain biking trails, great road riding, the East Coast’s most awesome and grubbiest bike festival, weekly crits at Bryan Park, and some good stuff coming up, Richmond has a growing set of indy bicycle shops here in the city that reflect the locally-grown and independent origin of our cycling community. Wherever you live, there are at least a few shops within a mile or two of your house. Get out and ride!


Agee’s Bicycles
3116 West Cary Street
(804) 353-4888
M-F 10AM-6PM / Sat 10AM-5:30PM

With 3 locations and almost 100 years of service in Richmond, Agee’s is the establishment cycle shop in the area. Known locally for using the same song in their commercials for at least a generation now. Offers repair service, new parts, and new bike sales (Trek, Gary Fisher, Specialized, Raleigh, Fuji, DiamondBack, Mirra).


Berg’s Bicycles
(804) 244-0644

Tim started off with an extra bike that he picked up at a yard sale. Once refurbed, it sold quickly enough on Craigslist that he realized that “there might be something in this.” Now he sells a few bikes a week. Repairs and reconditioning on road, touring, cruisers and tandems, and a revolving stock of vintage bikes for sale since 2005. Free delivery to VCU campus and Fan District.


918 West Grace Street
(804) 248-5878

Offers custom wheels, repair services, new parts, and sale of new and used bicycles. They’ll answer your questions and jump at the chance to go toe-to-toe with anyone else in town on the quality of their repair work.


Carytown Bicycle Company
3224 West Cary Street
(804) 440-BIKE
M-F 10AM-7PM / Sat 10AM-6PM / Sun 12PM-5PM

Carytown Bicycle Company makes a point of saying that they want to meet “the needs of every rider–from the six year-old to the sixty year-old, the racer to the mountain biker, the commuter to the fixed gear fan.” While this is undoubtedly true, at their core is, as their site puts it, “scrupulous attention to detail.” The shop is beautiful, the bikes are beautiful, the work is correct and fast. Offers repair work, new parts, and sales of new bikes (Cannondale, Serotta, Masi, Surly, Cinelli, Brooklyn Machine Works, more…). Since 2007. THE ONLY SHOP OPEN ON SUNDAY.

cyclus richmond

2709 East Marshall Street
(804) 612-0968
T-Sat 11AM-6PM

Richmond’s newest bike shop and the only one east of Belvidere. Brett and Suzy have as their goal “to promote the bicycle as economically and efficiently as possible”, and you totally get that vibe in the shop. Bike repair, new parts, and sale of new and used bikes.


Ed Edge Cycles
(757) 469-8982

Working out the basement of a house owned by his church, Ed offers affordable custom-built bikes from new and used components. All of Ed’s bikes are done to order and “take about a week.” With all bikes priced under $200, Ed ain’t doing this for the money: “ALL MY BIKES ARE BUILT FOR AND BY THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST:)”


731 West Marshall Street
(804) 622-4778
T-Sat 10AM-6PM

Small one-man repair and parts shop in Carver. Offers repair and the common supplies to keep your daily ride rolling. The man behind the wrench owns the shop and puts his name behind the work that he does.


Richmond Recycles
2621 West Cary Street
(804) 355-0166
T-F 10AM-6PM / Sat 11AM-5PM

Offers repair services, new and used parts, and sale of used and refurbished bicycles (aka “community oriented bicycle thrift”).


1904 Staples Mill Road
(804) 353-4489
M-F 10AM-7PM / Sat 10AM-6PM

Alongside Agee’s as one of the 2 big boys on the scene, Rowlett’s has been around since 1917 and was originally located on Broad Street between 1st and 2nd. Now technically out in the county, they are close enough to count. Offers repair services, new parts, and new bike sales (Bianchi, Felt, Carrera, Giant, Redline).

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