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Kitchen shortcuts

Even the best cooks cheat now and then. Take a look at 10 kitchen shortcuts that are guaranteed to save time without sacrificing taste (and be sure to share your tips and tricks while you’re at it).

Welcome to MARTIN’S

The first phase of the Ukrop’s to MARTIN’S conversion was completed this morning as doors opened at the Short Pump, Virginia Center, Colonial Square, and Williamsburg stores. A few media folk were invited to stop by the Short Pump location and take a look around.

Fifth Quarter: Fish Head and Bean Curd Soup

If you think that I am that type of person that has an arsenal of fish head recipes, you’re wrong. The more I cook and try and fail and succeed and ask questions, the more success I’ll have with fish heads. You will, too.

Tofu gluttony

For someone who claimed never to have eaten tofu before, Nick Bates, manager of Halligan Bar & Grill certainly showed us all. After winning Café Gutenberg and Twin Oaks’s First Annual Tofu Eating Contest, I wonder now if it was all a ruse. He won $150 in gift certificates from Gutenberg and Ellwood Thompson.

Restaurant specials: Anytime

No matter the day of the week, these restaurants are hooking you up…

Restaurant specials: Sunday

Sunday isn’t just for brunch, you know. Check out these great Richmond restaurant specials available throughout the day on Sundays.

Restaurant specials: Saturday

Like Friday, you won’t find a ton of specials around town on Saturday, but here are a few to help you save some bucks.

Restaurant specials: Friday

FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Let the indulging begin! Now this list might look a little light, but you need to remember that the weekend’s are restaurants’ prime money-making time, so they don’t have to work as hard to bring people in. But there are at least a few spaces that will hook you up.

Ukrop’s to MARTIN’S conversion schedule

The time has come, friends. Starting April 5, Ukrop’s stores will become MARTIN’S. The changes will happen in waves throughout the Richmond area.

Restaurant specials: Thursday

Thursday means it’s almost Friday which means it’s almost the weekend! Yay! Here are a few specials available at Richmond restaurants to help you celebrate the fact that the weekend is so close you can taste it.