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This is a very sensitive subject.

VideoJug: How To Give A Great Man To Man Hug A fabulous tutorial including making the approaching, body positioning, and dealing with the aftermath.

Blog awards: Editor’s addendum

First, here is a sweet badge for all of the winners to put on their websites. Congratulations winners. Second, I wanted to give my editor’s picks to those blogs that the people didn’t see fit to vote for. If only the RVA2kBA’s had an electoral college. Lesson learned: never trust your citizenry. Best political blog […]

Richmond Blog Awards: 2007

Best community blog Church Hill People’s News Best political blog Save Richmond Best business blog The Yarn Lounge Best food blog Brandon Eats Best diarist Made in Richmond Best topical blog Journey to Ironman Most addicting blog Awkward Things I Say To Girls Funniest blog Awkward Things I Say To Girls Best writing skills from […]