Work going on at old McDonald’s site looks to be a Dunkin Donuts

What sort of fast food would you like to see?

Update #1 — June 27, 2014; 9:49 AM

Thanks to Brittany in the comments who checked in on the permit for the old McDonalds we now have hard evidence of what that building is to become, please note the highlighted section from the permit below.


Thank you Brittany for looking into this while I was engrossed in World Cup soccer.

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Original — February 11, 2014

The old McDonald’s on Forest Hill Avenue (seen above in an out of date picture) has had construction workers inside the past couple weeks. This leads to the natural question, what’s going inside?

Unfortunately I can’t tell you that yet but according to the most recent building permits I can tell you it’s going to be another fast food restaurant.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 8.40.44 AM

Which fast food would you like to see? My vote goes for a local chain ala Chicken Fiesta or something similar.

If you want to keep track of the project head over to the city permits search engine. The site is very finicky about how you enter addresses so make sure and follow the directions exactly.

Photo: Google Maps

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  1. Insane Dave on said:

    I would love for it to be Chicken Fiesta. Looking at the proposed work, it doesn’t mention brick oven install so I think that can be ruled out. Fingers crossed for Bojangles.

  2. I have said it a dozen times — We need some Fried Chicken around here!

  3. Chelsy on said:

    I vote chipotle!

  4. Jacob K on said:

    Something with good coffee hopefully!

  5. Leigh-Ann on said:

    Please be Duncan Donuts!!

  6. Jacob K on said:

    Ooh yes, I second the Dunkin’ Donuts!!

  7. NOREEN on said:

    Top neighborhood rumor is a Dunkin Donuts.

  8. Susan Cox on said:

    How bout a “Cook Out” like they have near regency

  9. Marie on said:

    Dunkin’ was my thought as well!!

  10. Hugh Jarse on said:

    Yay, more crappy chain donut sludge!

  11. Melissa on said:

    That McDonald’s got robbed a lot. Any way to find out if there are precautions that can be taken to make the new business safer? It seems like it was the easy escape onto Forest Hill that contributed, because the new McDonald’s across the street doesn’t seem to get robbed.

  12. Jay Rich on said:

    Fastrac has done several Cafe Caturra (coffee and wine) locations throughout the area. That could mean something.

  13. Julie Ann Blansett-Hammond on said:

    Church’s or Popeye’s would be ok w/me. actually, another Mickey D’s would be all right too. but of course, now they have their new restaurant on the other side of the street.

  14. Melissa on said:

    I would love a Cafe Caturra! We already have a bounty of delicious chain restaurants of various healthfulness along the street from here to the Walmart area. Something local with nice wine and tapas would be amazing.

  15. A restaurant that sells homemade biscuits that’s not Hardee’s.

  16. Jared on said:

    I would LOVE to see a Taco Bell!

  17. Jacob K on said:

    Do people realize how small this place is? Cafe Caturra, really?? There is no way a Cafe Caturra type setup would work here. Fried chicken/doughnuts etc…yes. Cafe Caturra, no. Not to mention that place isn’t that great unless you like small portions at high prices. The quality is pretty good but it still doesn’t make up for it.

  18. I really hope Starbucks or another coffer house moves into that space. really, the last thing we need is another fast food restaurant for this area. even tho i am not a huge fan of dunkin donuts, I think it would do really well there.
    hate to say it, but there is NO way a wine and tapas bar is going to move into that spot! made me chuckle though, thanks :)

  19. Barbara L. on said:

    Ooh I hope Starbucks moves over there. Would be much easier to get in there. Yeah I do agree that more fast food is not going to do anything positive for home values.

  20. Leigh-Ann on said:

    Another Starbucks? Really, people? There is one a few blocks away AND one in the Target! How many Starbucks do we need in a one mile radius? I’m all for a coffee joint, but maybe something like Crossroads. Duncan is still who I am holding out for…or better yet, maybe Mrs. Yoder will open a store!

  21. David R on said:

    I talked to the manager of the Food Lion during his smoke break. He said it is definitely a Dunkin Donuts. I think it will be a busy location and I love their coffee.

  22. Melissa on said:

    I would love a Dunkin Donuts. I hope it’s the kind where they make the donuts in store (in NY some of the smaller ones get deliveries from other stores) and I hope they make enough maple frosted so it’s not sold out all the time. <3

  23. Brittany on said:

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