Weigh in on DC to RVA high-speed rail station/line options by January 8th

It will behoove you to read more info about each and bestow your approval or throw your shade as you see fit. 

You’ve got until January 8th to submit your opinions–we’re sure they are many and varied–on how you would rather see USDOT’s Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor come to fruition in Richmond. 

As we have long suspected, the universe revolves around RVA! Connecting D.C. to Richmond via high-speed rail also connects the Northeast Corridor to the Southeast Corridor, which is why many eyes are upon this project.

You can still affect one of the crucial decisions! By Friday, January 8th, you can leave feedback about the proposed station/rail alternatives before the project can and will move onto the next phase. These alternatives are still under review, and public input will be an integral part of the decision-making.

We highly recommend you spend some time with the DC to Richmond Online Meeting. It’ll give you much information that is semi-easy to digest, and click on the “Richmond” icon at the top to view more locally applicable info.

Option Summaries

These are so simplified as to be possibly not that helpful to you. What you really need to do, Concerned Citizen, is dig into the overview and detailed maps here. If you do, you can see important things, like whether or not one of the stations would be closed (if the other station was chosen as the exclusive one on the line) or where they’ll be building a detour around the Acca Yard, which is what causes trains to have to go too slowly through the city (and why people tend to choose Staples Mill for heading to all points north, so as to not have to spend an extra 40 minutes going like two miles).

Main Street Station only via S-Line


Boulevard Station only via the A-Line


Broad Street Station only via the A-Line


Staples Mill Road Station only via A-Line


Main Street Station and Staples Mill Road Station Full Service Alternative


Main Street Station and Staples Mill Road Station Shared Service Alternative


Main Street Station and Staples Mill Road Station Split Service Alternative


How to submit a comment

It’s wildly easy! Go to DC to Richmond’s website and click on the very visible red button that says “Submit a Comment.” Do so by Friday, January 8th please!

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