VCU Police unveil noise suppression van to curb loud parties

If your party’s rocking, this van will come a knocking!

VCU Police today debuted a new noise suppression van that will help the department curb noisy parties around the Monroe Park Campus.

The van has audio and video recording equipment to measure decibel levels and record footage that may be used as evidence if VCU Police pursue charges.

“A primary focus for VCU is the quality of life for those living nearby,” said VCU Police Chief John Venuti. “This vehicle allows the university to be even more responsive and proactive about handling and suppressing excessive noise in surrounding neighborhoods.”

VCU Police visited 186 residences in response to noise complaints last academic year. As a result of excessive noise complaints, VCU Police assisted with 57 local evictions, 43 of which involved VCU students, according to police.

The department said the new noise suppression van will monitor residences that don’t curtail noisy parties after multiple police warnings. The van, with visually loud graphics and logos, will also be a tangible reminder to party throwers to keep noise levels down.

“We use a scaled approach to address noise issues,” Venuti said. “The van will be used in what we consider to be the most extreme cases of noise violations. When we have ongoing reports of problems at specific houses or apartments, students and neighbors can expect to see the vehicle deployed nearby.”

Photo courtesy of the VCU Police

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Nathan Cushing

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