Truck Norris rolling out of Lakeside

Without a doubt Truck Norris is a cornerstone of the Lakeside community.

I had no idea that Truck Norris even existed prior to this morning and now I’m crushed that we’ll likely never meet in person. I was alerted to his commie butt-kicking presence by the Help Keep Truck Norris in Lakeside GoFundMe Campaign which was started on August 12th.

Without a doubt Truck Norris is a cornerstone of the Lakeside community. It was brought to my attention today that the current owner of Truck Norris has put Truck Norris up for sale meaning that Lakeside might end up losing one of it’s greatest assets. Truck Norris represents freedom, America, freedom, and Lakeside and we cannot afford to lose that. Recent estimates suggest that Truck Norris draws 10,000 visitors to Lakeside annually. These visitors eat our biscuits, buy our magic tricks, go to our antique stores, and drink cheap beer at Lakeside Tavern, they are what keeps our economy robust. I am asking for $1000 so that I can keep Truck Norris in Lakeside. The $1000 will cover the cost of Truck Norris, taxes, title, towing, and a new windshield to help keep the moisture out of Truck Norris, I will also erect a plaque next to Truck Norris so those people who make the pilgramage to Lakeside will know the storied history behind Truck Norris. Truck Norris will be moved to my house and proudly put on display as a symbol of Lakeside. Anyone who donates will have the opportunity to take a picture seated in the driver seat of Truck Norris, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please do your part to keep Truck Norris in Lakeside!

But in a blow to all lovers of mullet wearing action heroes on trucks it looks like it’s not to be. The following update was posted yesterday.

Bad news guys Truck Norris has been sold and will probably be leaving Lakeside, thanks to all of you that didn’t help.

Image: Truck Norris GoFundMe

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