Traffic study approved for Forest Hill Avenue and Dundee

What would you do to fix this intersection?

One of my favorite pastimes is to sit outside of Crossroads and watch cars coming flying around the corner where Forest Hill Avenue, Dundee and Semmes meet. Will they hit the inside curb and startle walkers? Will they swing out into the other lane, resulting in angry gestures and horn blasts? The winner was a young lady on a rainy day that was driving too fast on one of those tiny spare tires and managed to spin the car 180 degrees. In this last case fortunately she didn’t slam into any other vehicle and simply sheepishly drove on.

I’m not the only person that has noticed this issue and earlier this month City Council adopted Resolution No. 2014-R259-2015-4 that requires the City Traffic Engineering to complete a study the spot and come up with solutions, including but not limited to, the most divisive of all neighborhood topics the dreaded roundabout.

That the Chief Administrative Officer is hereby further requested to present to the Council, within 180 days following the adoption of this resolution, a report of the results of all of the aforementioned studies and analyses of this intersection, including an analysis of the efficacy of one or more roundabouts at this intersection, proposals for the design of roundabouts, recommended improvements for multimodal transportation in accordance with the City’s Complete Streets Policy, as set forth in Resolution No. 2014-R172-170, adopted October 13, 2014, and other recommended improvements at this intersection, and cost estimates for all such roundabouts and other recommended improvements for this intersection.

Image: Google Maps

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