TIP! Let the VCU robots keep you in the loop

Text alerts are the way to go, fellow cavepeople.

You know that friend or family member you have who always knows what’s going on? That is everybody in my office. And not me. And it’s because they all get VCU text alerts.

I am a cavewoman. I tend to go visit alert.vcu.edu for my active shooter, tornado, and snow news, like a snail on barbiturates, slogging through molasses. What I could and should do instead is sign up for text alerts.

Oh, snap! I just did it! It took like five seconds! Now, I’ll be in the know, and I can proudly inform them when we all need to take cover.

Fill out my online form.

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Susan Howson

Susan Howson is managing editor for this very website. She writes THE BEST bios.

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