TIP! Best Buy recycles an insane amount of things

It’s pretty amazing.

Dear person I saw gleefully putting their tube TV on the curb, right before a rainstorm, putting Post-Its that said “FREE!” all over it:

  1. I’m not sure why you felt the need to explain that the TV was free. Welcome to urban life–or any life, probably–if you put a thing on the curb, no one is going to leave you money in exchange for it.
  2. TVs, batteries, etc. are very, very bad for the planet. If you’re sitting around not caring about heavy metals destroying the soil, that’s wonderful! I hope you enjoy never eating food. 
  3. Wait a second, that’s not wonderful at all, because I enjoy eating food! Is it too much to ask that you don’t poison my child and his children? IS IT?

Thanks to TIP!ster Bill Wakefield, I have discovered the beauty that is Best Buy’s amazing recycling program. With no purchase necessary, you can truck over all the things you don’t and shouldn’t and must not put in a landfill.

If, new neighbor with the Post-Its, you do not have a way to get the TV to Best Buy, you can get them to come get it for you for free (if you are purchasing a replacement) or for $20 (if you’re not). Then, you may write yourself a Post-It that says “FREE!….from guilt” and put it on your forehead.

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