RVA Pancake Love fundraiser wrap-up

“Definitely butter and syrup, and preferably the real stuff.”

Update #1 — February 17, 2015; 10:44 AM

By all accounts the Valentine’s Day fundraiser was a complete success and now we’ve been sent the numbers to quantify that success. Nicely done RVApancakeLOVE.

RVApancakeLOVE by the numbers:

  • 23 pancake and beverage slingers
  • 12 pancake artists
  • 219 pancake eaters
  • $2,000 donation to FeedMore
  • Provide 10,000 meals for the hungry

RVApancakeLOVE sponsors:

  • The Broadberry (venue)
  • Eat Smart Now (food prep)
  • Pamela’s Products (gluten free pancake mix)
  • Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix
  • Blanchard’s Coffee
  • Pressed (fresh juice)
  • Jill Pickles (pickled Heart Beets for our Bloody Marys)
  • Relay Foods (fresh bananas)

You can check out the hot pancake love on Facebook where there are videos and photos of the event.

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Original — February 06, 2015

A strong relationship is about support, love, and sharing. Specifically, sharing delicious pancakes. Following this shaky logic, it’s then easy to make the connection between Valentine’s Day, love, and pancakes. Which is exactly what’s happening on Saturday, February 14th at the Broadberry with #RVApancakeLOVE.

This Valentine’s Day, 12 talented RVA artists will create artsy pancakes with proceeds benefiting FeedMore. For a mere $15 ($5 for kids), chow on all the artified pancakes you can stuff in your mouth. There’s even a gluten-free option, so truly there’s no excuse not to start your Valentine’s Day with some syrupy goodness. There will be three seatings at 9:30, 10:30, and 11:30. Buy your tickets online.

We reached out to one of the artists to find out more about the world of Art Pancakes. Steve Hedberg is the Creative Director at Richmond Magazine, creates inedible fine art at SteveHedberg.com (Route 1 Series is my favorite), and is often seen bouncing between coffeehouses along Forest Hill Avenue.

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How did you get involved in #RVApancakeLOVE and what are you planning?

Organizer Larkin Garbee started up a Facebook thread about her idea, and Marlene Paul from ART180 recommended me, since I’m probably the only one in the city who has a website (hedcakes.com) dedicated to pancake art.

I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be cooking up, but I’m sure it will be somehow loosely in the theme of Valentines Day. Or maybe not. I personally will stick with portraits more than likely. I’m sure everyone will be doing their own thing, which will make it unpredictable.

How long have you been making fancy pancakes?

My mom made what we called animal pancakes when I was a kid — bears, giraffes, dogs… I’ve been making them using a spoon for my girls since they were old enough to eat them. I made Heisencake and realized I could take this thing to the next level with the right tools. I bought the condiment bottle and made Rollie Fingers.


Are any special tools needed? How long does a creation take?

A condiment bottle is all it takes. Each cake takes as long as one overcooked pancake.

Advice to aspiring pancake artists?

It’s all about cooking time and working from dark to light, dark being the first marks made. And get a life.

Syrup or no-syrup when eating the art?

Definitely butter and syrup, and preferably the real stuff.


Favorite so far?

The last one I ate. And Einstein and Edgar Allan Poe. I also really like the Mona Lisa cake. It isn’t the best technically, but it kinda captures her complex expression.

What is your white whale, your holy grail, the dream pancake that you have yet to perfect?

Flavor Flav. I’ve attempted him several times–just can’t seem to nail the grill.

Image: Hedcakes

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