So which congressional district am I in now?

A nice, big map for all of your congressional-district-finding needs.

A group of federal judges just approved Virginia’s new congressional districts, and if you live in or around Richmond you may suddenly belong to a different district!

Some background: The previously drawn district map included the super wiggly 3rd district that unfairly grouped together minorities (according to a bunch of judges)1. When the General Assembly couldn’t decide on the best way to move forward with redistricting in a more fair way, they punted to this group of judges who then hired a redistricting expert. Here’s what he came up with:

KMLs generously provided by mapmaster Taber Bain. Full version of this map here.

Keep in mind that the Supreme Court has decided that they want to weigh in, and until they do, we’re in a kind of weird multidistrict limbo. Double keep in mind that folks in these districts have elections coming up in November, so they (and their constituents) would probably like to know if these new maps stand.

Some more reading if you feel like falling down a redistricting hole:

  1. Clearly a vast oversimplification. 
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