VIDEO: Richmond Mural Project 2013

A handy guide to the artists and locations that have made the city way more colorful this summer.

Update #3 — August 15, 2013; 9:33 AM

Organizers of this year’s Richmond Mural Project (see below) commissioned a video that highlights the new murals painted this summer across town:

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Update #2 — July 23, 2013; 7:09 AM

Organizers of the Richmond Mural Project (see below) have announced the locations for this year’s murals. There are 21 murals scheduled to be painted by August 1st, when this year’s event ends.

There will be a reception at Selba on Saturday, July 27th from 12:00 – 6:00 PM with live painting, signings by muralists, and music.

Here are this year’s mural locations, corresponding artists, and expected project dates:


  • 534 N. Harrison Street • EVER
  • 2416 W. Cary Street • EVER
  • 2907 W. Cary Street • Sonni
  • 2 N. Rowland Street • Gaia


  • 2929 W. Cary Street • Kelly Towles (July 23rd – 29th)
  • 300 W. Broad Street &bulll; Stormie Mills (July 22nd – 25th)
  • 825 W. Cary Street • Angry Woebots (July 25th – 26th)
  • 821 W. Cary Street &bull Greg Mike (July 23rd – 28th)
  • 2416 W. Cary Street • Angry Woebots (July 23rd – 27th)
  • 14 S. 15th Street • Andrew Hem (July 23rd – 29th)
  • 100 S. Addison Street • Natalia Rak (July 23rd – 29th)
  • 807 Oliver Hill Way • Angry Woebots (July 28th – August 1st)
  • 535 N. 2nd Street • Aniekan (July 27th – August 1st)
  • 1011 W. Grace Street • Etam Cru (July 23rd – 29th)
  • 2600 W. Main Street • Greg Mike (July 29th – August 1st)
  • 3336 N. Boulevard • Stormie Mills (July 29th – 31st)
  • 205 E. Marshall Street • Aniekan (July 23rd – 26th)
  • 203 N. Lombardy Street • Stormie Mills (July 26th – 28th)
  • 2232 W. Main Street • Tentative
  • 2001 W. Main Street • Tentative
  • 101 W. Marshall Street • Tentative

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Update #1 — July 10, 2013; 6:35 AM

Organizers of last year’s G40 Summit will summon roughly 10 muralists from around the world to paint 20 murals across the city when the Richmond Mural Project resumes this month.

Shane Pomajambo, founder and director of Art Whino, organizers of the mural project, said earlier this year he wants 100 large-scale murals in Richmond by the end of 2016 (see below). This year’s event will add to the 23 murals painted last year, and hopes to bring the total number of murals to about 40 when this year’s event concludes.

While last year’s G40 Summit was month-long, this year’s mural project will only last two weeks, taking place from July 22nd – August 1st. Mural locations haven’t yet been officially announced. However, local artist Jesse Smith has already begun a mural near The Sidewalk Cafe:

Art Whino recently fell short of a $36,000 Kickstarter goal to fund this year’s event, raising only $4,362 at publication (last year’s event was largely funded by Art Whino).

Here are photos of last year’s murals, along with this video recap:


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Original — February 01, 2013

Organizers of last year’s G40 Summit, a month-long event that featured artists painting over 20 murals across the city, are planing to add fresh murals this April as part of the RVA Mural Project.

“It was really amazing to see Richmond embrace” the G40 Summit, said Shane Pomajambo, founder and director of D.C.-based Art Whino, and principal organizer of the annual art event.

Pomajambo said that the many requests from local business owners “compelled me to come back” with another event. Many told him that last year’s murals not only delighted residents but also increased business.

“These murals are great tools for community change,” Pomajambo said.

Although plans remain incomplete, Pomajambo anticipated that the RVA Mural Project will run from April 15th – 26th. He said eight muralists have committed to participating,1 and Pomajambo hopes to add several more by spring.

He said existing murals from last year’s G40 Summit won’t be painted over.

“I”m going to find another 20 walls” for artists to use, he said.

Pomajambo said he wants to make Richmond the world’s premiere destination for mural art. He said the goal is to paint more than 100 murals “all over Richmond in the next five years.”

Details of the RVA Mural Project should be finalized within the coming weeks.


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  1. Among them, Etam Cru and StatOne, whose “Bang!” mural is pictured above. 

photo of “Bang” by Etam Cru and StatOne (Lodz, Poland – 2011) courtesy of Art Whino

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