Richmond Zoo home to new (incredibly cute) tapir calf

Get ready to go D’AWWWWWWW

The Metro Richmond Zoo recently announced the birth of an endangered Brazilian Tapir calf. The female calf was born to 10-year-old mother Pershing and 9-year-old father Pico. This is Pershing and Pico’s first calf together. Both calf and mother are healthy (see photos below).

The yet-named female calf was born on July 29th after a 13-month pregnancy. Pico is currently on display at the zoo’s South American area. Pershing and the calf will remain in a private area for bonding time over the next several weeks. Eventually, Pershing and the calf will be exhibited.

Here’s video of Pershing and her calf:

Brazilian Tapirs are endangered because of hunting and deforestation. Calves are born with white spots and stripes to act as camouflage, which imitates speckled sunlight hitting the forest ground. The spots and stripes fade after roughly six months.

Tapirs use their short trunk to grab branches and leaves. Excellent swimmers, tapirs use their snouts as a snorkel while submerged underwater.

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Tapir calf-01

Tapir calf-02

Tapir calf-03

Photos courtesy of the Metro Richmond Zoo

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