Partial road work update

Work continues.

There are of course other projects going on but I haven’t seen any information on them. The following was posted to Councilman Parker Angelasto’s Facebook:

The Department of Public Utilities has offered the following updated information pertaining to work along Forest Hill Avenue and Semmes Avenue in the Woodland Heights and Reedy Creek areas.

  • SEMMES AVE & FOREST HILL AVE – The project limits are from Bland Street to Dundee along Forest Hill. This project is scheduled to start on February 2nd and last for 2-3 weeks. This will have a detour on Forest Hill from Roanoke to Dundee on the east bound lanes daily and will reopen each night. 3/15/2015-Work along this section continues. We have made it up to Dundee Ave and starting to cross the intersection. With all of the utilities in the intersection this is taking more time. This project will take at least 2-3 weeks. 4/1/2015- Making all crossings and getting pipe ready for tie-ins next week. There will be a few services to renew to the new main once we have gas on it. 4/23/2015- All tie-ins are done except the one that will be completed Monday. Still have to remove boxes, pave and clean up.
  • SEMMES AVE AND 32ND ST – The project limits are from Forest Hill to W. 31st along Semmes Ave. This project is 60% complete. Service work and tie-ins should take 4-6 weeks. The main has been installed on Semmes. We have approximately 30 services to complete on Semmes and some work north and south of Semmes to complete. 3/15/2015-Crews are working on 32nd and 33rd Street. Service work on Semmes will continue for the next 3-4 weeks. 4/1/2015- Service work continues on Semmes. Crew also working in the area north of Semmes installing mains. 4/23/2015- Completed about 50% of services on Semmes Ave
  • 31ST STREET AND NEW KENT AVE– The project limits for this project is north of Semmes and will not start until the project at Semmes and Forest Hill is complete. Once this project is started it will take 3-4 months for main and service work to be done. 3/15/2015-No change. 4/1/2015- A crew has started in this area and is working it with the other project above. 4/23/2015- Crew installing mains and have completed about 40% of the main work. Service crew will start as soon as Semmes is complete.
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