Help the Black History Museum or get lost!

The Black History Museum’s Indiegogo campaign will get it closer to being the only museum of its ilk in the whole dang state!

You may be aware that the Black History Museum is anticipating a move to the renovated Leigh Street Armory in Jackson Ward. But are you aware that it is moving from a historically important building to a historically important building?

Their current Federal Revival house on Clay Street was the original Black branch of the public library. The new digs–that building you drive by on Leigh Street and go, “Whoa, is that a castle from the original Super Mario Bros. game?”–was originally built for a black militia.

Not only is this crucial museum gearing up for a badass opening later this year, they’re redoing their programming and everything. And they need your help to do it!

From the museum:

 Our capital campaign and annual fund raising are in full swing and we thank everyone who has supported us! It is this support that has helped us get this far.  As we continue to move toward our Bright Future, and strive to realize our Bold Vision of being the only museum in Virginia dedicated to telling the story of African Americans and people of African descent we need additional funding and your help!

As we work on renovating and retrofitting the Armory building we will also be developing our art programming, branding, and exhibits to properly invest in our  infrastructure.

How to help

Visit the Black History Museum’s indiegogo campaign and help them reach their $150,000 goal! 

Not sold yet? You will be in 1:44 minutes!

Share with your pals, using hashtag #WESEEIT!

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