Happy Weekend, RVA: We’ll tell you what’s good about it!

What you missed this week (lots) and what you can expect to see next week.

Subtropical storm Ana, who’s just tired of “Elsa, Elsa, Elsa” all the time, proves that she’s got her own thing going on. As such, we’ll have some clouds, some mid-80s weather, and possibly some thunderstorms on Sunday. Apparel translation: short sleeves, short pants, and a short stack of pancakes. It’s the weekend! 

Useful information, just for you!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, in case you haven’t heard, and if you’re lucky enough to have a mother, you’re probably either pleased with yourself for your celebratory plans or feeling your heart sink into your toes now that I’ve just broken the bad news to you.

Because she loves us and wants us to succeed in life, Stephanie Ganz has put together a handy DIY brunch guide for you, yo’ mama, and whomever else you want to feed. It’s not too difficult to do this shiz yourself, and you’ll save tons of money and hassle doing it thusly.

While you’re feting, wax nostalgic with your mom about Sally Bell’s and Ukrop’s baked goods. If you didn’t grow up in Richmond, we don’t quite know what to say except…we’re sorry? Glad you finally made it? Good to have you? Were you properly hazed? Because we’d love a fudge pie right now, and maybe you need to go get it for us from Kroger, newbie.

And also, reading about the i.e.* Startup Competition finalists is both fun and informative!.

Did you see Kelly Gerow’s very last Raising Richmond column? She’s still around, don’t worry, but she’s passing the RR torch to Sam Davies and Hayley DeRoche, who are well-versed in writing about family stuff.

But guys, just wait. Next week is going to be amazing.

Next week: It’s going to be amazing

‘Tis the time of year when flowers bloom and people decide to commit their lives to other people. To celebrate the season, our Wedding Guide runs all week. If you’re thinking about taking the Big Plunge sometime in the future–or, you just like to look at other people’s Big Plunges–don’t touch that dial. We’ll have the wisdom and expertise of several of our favorite local and prestige-riddled wedding experts. On deck: Courtney Spencer from Merriment Events and Aaron Ellerbrock from BRIDEface Richmond. You’ll also be hearing from Christine Haines Greenberg (Urban Set Bride), Pearl Thomas from Rubies and Pearls, Don Mears from Don Mears Photography, our very own Phil “DJ Robot E. Lee” Williams, Ryan Traylor from Mosaic, and even more!

Kelly will settle some questions about turning your home into an Airbnb for the Big Bike Race™, I will convince you that you MUST drop everything to see the creme de la creme of ballet performances, and Hayley DeRoche will kick off her new Raising Richmond gig by saying some relatable and thought-provoking things about keeping up with the Joneses.

But perhaps most excitingly, we have a brand new column (that’s, like, our second this month) about parenting and family. As a departure from the statistically average family setup, we’re launching Our House, which will feature less traditional perspectives on raising kids, keeping a family together, and just going about our everyday logistical routines. Expect to hear about adoption, step-parenting, raising an LGBTQ child, dealing with an empty nest, acclimatizing a child to divorce, single parenting, parenting adult children–all the kinds of real families made of real people. Up first: Adam Mead from yogg, who always seems calm, despite seven children before his mid-thirties even hit. 

Mark it all on your calendar, or just stare at our site all day, every day! Works for me! Refresh, refresh!

Reasons to stay in bed

  • Commencement ceremonies are going on all over town this weekend (both VCU and UR, in an annoying, once every few years alignment. You don’t want to get mixed up with that.
  • Ditto with Mother’s Day, a holiday that I started turning against when I saw a Happy Mother’s Day cake at Kroger in the shape of a purse. Women carry purses. That’s all you could think of? Did you truly go to cake school or what? Turns out, even the founder of Mother’s Day wasn’t into it becoming a big thing where you have to get brunch reservations 50 years in advance. 
  • Some peeps found some old Thomas Edison Talking Dolls, which was the first talking toy, using wax cylinders to scare the bejeezus out of some poor unsuspecting child.
  • SNL sticks it to Hollywood.

Reasons to get up

  • To get away from the talking doll that shares your pillow.

Photo by: AnnieAnniePancake

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