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This week, GMRVA is brought to you by Andrew Cothern.

Good morning, RVA! Andrew Cothern here filling in for Ross Catrow as he goes on vacation doing things not RVANews related. I already told Ross that I will not follow his way of doing things and that he will have to deal. I like fighting the system when I know there will be no consequences.

It’s 71°F right now and looks like it’ll be cloudy skies this morning followed by the chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Fitting for a dreary Monday to follow a beautiful weekend.


The New York Times reports that the autopsy of Michael Brown, the teen shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri, reveals that he had been shot six times, including twice in the head. Protests continue in the area.

The fifth annual GWAR-B-Q took place at Hadad’s Lake over the weekend and featured plenty of loud music, fake blood and the grotesque creatures of the Slave Pit. The event paid tribute to the late Dave Brockie by holding a funeral pyre and burning the body of Oderus Urungus in the middle of the lake. Style Weekly has photos from the event.

Richmonders are being denied their late-night pizza in the Museum District. What travesty is this?! Don’t people understand late-night pizza is one of the necessities of life? So how come Belmont Pizza has to close earlier? Phil Riggan at gets to the bottom of this.

Animal lovers are angry after Whole Foods decided to sell rabbit in stores. Some say eating a rabbit is like eating a pet and many protests were held at stores around the country, including the Short Pump location. Whole Foods says that the rabbit meat sold will be held to the highest standards. WTVR has more here.

The best news from the weekend? “Bob’s Burgers” won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program! Seriously, if you have not seen this show, do yourself a favor and watch the first three seasons on Netflix. You will love it as much as Tina loves zombies and erotic friend fiction (you will understand this reference when you watch it).


No. Here is a video of Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt taking part in the ice bucket challenge. This is better than a longread anyway.



The Pierces – Creation

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