Good Morning, RVA: The spookiest week of the year

Spoooooky weather for a spoooooky week.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 67 °F, and the weirdly warm and steamy weather continues! Today you can look forward to highs in the low 70s, some sunshine early, and a cloudy evening.

Water cooler

Halloween is this weekend, and as such you may be on the hook to take a young person in your life trick-or-treating. Susan Howson has a rundown of some of the better spots citywide, but, if you’re like me, you’d rather grumpily sit in the basement alone watching horror movies on Netflix. I recommend you start with Grabbers or Housebound.

Here’s some great news via WTVR, the Scott’s Addition Boulevard Association has won a big stack of money that’ll go toward planting a bunch of trees. Despite being a hotspot for all things new and exciting in Richmond, Scott’s Addition pretty much looks like a barren landscape from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. This should help with that. Next up, let’s get some real-deal sidewalks and street lighting.

Richmond Magazine is ranking Richmond’s top 30 restaurants in 2015. Here’s numbers 20-30–you’ll have to rustle up a paper copy (they do still exist!) to see the rest of the list.

CNBC hosted another Republican presidential debate last night and got things going by asking for each candidate’s biggest weakness. Predictably, most of them either talked around the question or annoyingly deferred to their wives.

Master of the house, dolling out the charm! Ready with a handshake and an open palm. Tell a saucy tale, makes a little stir, customers appreciate a Bon-viveur…Everybody raise a glass, raise it up the master’s arse! Everybody raise a glass to the Master of the House! Republican Paul Ryan is set to take over as Speaker of the House today.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown airs tonight on ABC at 8:00 PM.


  • D.C. United beat New England and advances to the semifinals of the Eastern Conference.
  • Royals beat the Mets, 7-1, in Game 2 of the World Series. They’ll take a break today and play Game 3 tomorrow.

This morning’s longread

Inside the Salem Witch Trials

I do not know why we need another account of the Salem Witch Trials, but here’s the New Yorkeriest one I’ve ever read.

The Goodwin children flew like geese, on one occasion for twenty feet. They recoiled from blows of invisible sticks, shrieked that they were sliced by knives or wrapped in chains. Jaws, wrists, necks flew out of joint. Parental reproof sent the children into agonies. Chores defied them. But “nothing in the world would so discompose them as a religious exercise,” Mather reported. Thirteen-year-old Martha could read an Oxford compendium of humor, although she seized up when handed a volume he deemed “profitable and edifying,” or one with the name Mather on the cover.

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