Good Morning, RVA: The prodigal sun

The prodigal sun returns! Rejoice!

Good morning, RVA! It’s 68 °F, and that’s pretty dang warm! Things continue to heat up an dry out like a piece of toast as the day wears on. I swear, today, if you squint hard enough while tilting your head slightly to the left, I think you’ll catch a glimpse of the sun.

The flood warning remains in effect until later tomorrow evening. If you come across a flooded road, don’t try and be a hero / water buffalo. Turn around.

Water cooler

The three-day bicycle race! It begins tomorrow! And (some) roads start to close today! Here’s everything you could want to know about parking and road closures. If you live or work downtown, your life will be impacted on Friday.

Did you think we were done talking about where to put a baseball stadium in Richmond? Ha! Foolish human! We will never finish talking about where to put a baseball stadium, it’s become part of who we are. Yesterday, a shadowy team of developers announced that they would be willing to privately fund the entire construction of a new stadium…located on the Boulevard. Who’s excited for more meetings and public hearings?

A train derailment in Lynchburg yesterday sent three crude-oil-carrying train cars into the James River. No need to freak out, though, our drinking water will be totally fine!

This morning’s longread

Four-year-old reviews Plum Restaurant (with her face)


Any adult food critic can give a balanced, articulate critique of a restaurant; yet here at The Bold Italic, we instead continue to take adorable, illiterate four-year-olds to fancy restaurants for the most honest, least useful food reviews in the world. For our fourth installment, we took Elai Rubinsky (favorite food: “orange”) to Plum Restaurant in Oakland.

This morning’s Instagram

Photo by: jimmy_ray

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