Good Morning, RVA: The end of October is in sight

Let us wring the last drops from it!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 51 °F, and that was it–we’ve used up all the unseasonably wonderful weather. Today, expect lots of clouds and highs around 60 °F. However! The middle of the week may warm up a bit and keep us in the “huh, decently warm for the end of October” zone.

Water cooler

Over the weekend Richmond saw its 29th homicide. Police were called to the 2500 block of Powell Road at 12:30 AM on Sunday and found a man dead of a gunshot wound.

Check this out: Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham approached Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Dana Bedden and worked to implement a new program to keep students who commit minor offenses out of jail. It’s like driving school but designed to keep students out of the “school-to-prison pipeline.” It’s also an example of two parts of city government working together to do a thing.

Tina Griego’s Sunday column this week in Richmond Magazine deals with Section 8 housing vouchers, affordable housing, and the impact redlining 60 years ago still has. If you’d like to learn more about the redevelopment going on in the East End, specifically what’s going on in Creighton Court, here are a bunch of plans and supporting documents to get you started.

GRTC will hold the next two public meetings about Bus Rapid Transit tonight (Library of Virginia, 6:00 PM) and tomorrow (Richmond Public Library, Main Branch, 12:00 PM). I took a minute and went through all the new documents that dropped before these meetings so you wouldn’t have to! Come out to the meeting tonight, I’ll be there and we can talk transit–does that not sound like the highlight of your week?

The dead rose from their graves and took a stroll about Carytown this past weekend at Richmond’s annual Zombie Walk. Who’s doing the makeup for this thing? Because it’s freaking intense and is now basically an episode of The Walking Dead. This year, zombie Tin Man is the clear winner. Look what happened when he finally got his heart. Careful what you wish for, you guys.


  • Spiders dropped 59 points on JMU winning a game where no one could play any defense at all. Congrats to Richmond for going into a GameDay atmosphere on the road and walking away with the win.
  • It took the Hokies four overtimes to lose to #22 Duke, 42-45.
  • Wahoos fell 13-26 to the Tar Heels.
  • Washington scored with 24 seconds remaining to beat Tampa Bay, 31-30.
  • Columbus Crew SC blanked D.C. United, 0-5

This morning’s longread

Drake: Rapper, Actor, Meme

The “Hotline Bling” video is built exactly for that task. It’s important at its full length, but even more so in the screenshots and few-seconds-long GIFs that it’s designed to be broken down into. It’s less a video than an open source code that easily allows Drake’s image and gestures to be rewritten, drawn over, repurposed.

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it.

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