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Crummy weather could begin tomorrow and stretch as far as the forecast will scroll.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 68 °F, and, as far as weather goes, it’s more of the same on tap for today. Get in whatever out-of-doors activity you have on your todo list, because thunderstorms are the name of the game for the next several days.

July 4th Weather Watch Outlook: Not Good.

Water cooler

The state of affairs at the City’s Department of Finance: Also Not Good. Katy Burnell Evans at the RTD has the very depressing recap of a situation likened to the Titanic by Councilman Baliles. To tie this in to the zeitgeist, read the last couple paragraphs about how the culture of eternal snafus over in finance could affect…Stone Brewing Co.! Dun dun DUNNNNNN!

You probably saw the pictures of the vandalized Jefferson Davis Monument last week. Then you probably heard the news that a man had been arrested for newly vandalizing the monument with the single letter L. I’ve been thinking all week about what his final message, unwritten before he was arrested, was to be. “Long live Jeff”? “Leggo my Eggo™”? “Let’s have a civilized conversation about this, you guys”? The answer, turns out, is much more straightforward.

Yesterday, Apple dropped a new version of iOS and with it came Apple Music–their revamp of Beats Audio and competitor in the Spotify / Rdio space. I’m having a blast with it, and there’s a three-month trial. No reason not to try it! Unless, of course, you’re an Android user. Then you’ll have to wait until this fall when an Android app is released.

More Greek financial stuff! Having read Vox’s answers to embarrassing questions about the financial crisis in Greece, I now feel prepared to talk about it at a 4th of July cookout after several High Lifes. But wait! Breaking news from the New York Times that may endanger my fresh grasp on the subject!


  • Squirrels lost 2-1 to Harrisburg last night–but today’s a new month and the series continues at 7:00 PM.
  • Nats took a 6-1 beating from the Braves yesterday, they’ll try again Nats took a 6-1 beatdown to the Braves yesterday, they’ll look to do it again today at 7:10 PM (Oops, I’m blaming it on the lack of caffeine — ed.).
  • D.C. United fell 2-1 to the Philadelphia Union in a poorly scheduled U.S. Open Cup match.
  • USA downed Germany 2-0 in the super exciting semi-finals of the Women’s World Cup. They’ll face the winner of England-Japan (who play tonight) on Sunday.

What to expect

Today, we bring you: 5 Things for Families, great news for lovers of live music, even better news for breastfeeders, and a bit about apparel circa 1776.

This morning’s longread

Historical progression of designs (for the American Flag)

Yesterday on Twitter someone mentioned Puerto Rico’s financial crises and how they hoped the end result would be a new American state. That sent me off looking for possible designs for a 51-star flag, which soon had me on the Wikipedia page for previous versions of our flag. Some of them are crazy and would drive me absolutely nuts.

As the exact pattern of stars was not specified prior to 1912, and the exact colors not specified prior to 1934, many of the historical U.S. national flags shown below are typical rather than official designs.

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