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Good morning, RVA! It’s 36 °F, and today we’ve got highs in the mid-50s again–almost 10 degrees warmer than the average for this time of year. This evening there’s a good chance for rain, and this weekend there’s even a chance for snow (eccentric Facebook weather guy says Richmond might get up to an inch!).

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Today is Lee-Jackson Day. It’s a time, according to the Code of Virginia, to embarrassingly celebrate “defenders of causes.” We’ve made progress with this embarrassing holiday over the decades, which has existed in Virginia since 1904 and predates MLK Day by about 80 years. From 1983 (when the federal government declared the third Monday of January a day to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.) to 2000, the commonwealth had the ultra embarrassing combination holiday of Lee-Jackson-King Day. Now we’ve got them split apart, which is at least something. State Senator McEachin wants to take another small step and will file a bill today to move the holiday to Election Day, further distancing it from MLK Day.

(If you’re looking for ways to get involved and lend a hand on totally-not-embarrassing MLK Day, Kelly Gerow has you covered.)

Whoa this Mayor Jones church business escalated quickly! You’ll probably want to read Ned Oliver’s most recent piece which includes some new and sketchy information. There’s also a video at the top of the page that, whoadang, made me feel super awkward. Hats off to Ned for being able to roll through an interview like that without barfing all over himself or passing out on the spot. Meanwhile, the Mayor has asked for an independent review of the situation from the State Police. Finally, I guess we did settle on “Churchgate.” I’m disappointed in the lack of creativity here!

Remember how the State Senate Majority Leader has banished reporters from the Senate floor to live a sad life up in the cheap seats? This picture of the RTD’s Jeff Schapiro using binoculars to see the action makes me laugh in a sad way. These five limericks about Majority Leader Norment also made me laugh, but, like, regular laugh. You guys! There are literally limericks in our newspaper making fun of our politicians! This is the best thing to happen so far in 2016.

NASA has awarded the space station resupply contracts to a couple of companies, including Orbital ATK which launches out of the Wallops Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore. Don’t ever forget: We have a spaceport in Virginia. This is awesome.

I missed last night’s Republican debate, and after reading this Vox recap I have some serious FOMO. FYI, there’s a Democratic debate on Sunday at 9:00 PM on NBC.


  • Spiders and Rams battle in the first episode of the 2016 Black and Blue classic Saturday at 2:00 PM in the Robins Center. If you can’t get tickets, the game will be shown on the CBS Sports Network.
  • #13 Wahoos travel to Florida State to take on the Seminoles on Sunday at 6:30 PM on ESPNU.
  • Hokies head to Atlanta on Saturday to face a Bees team that’s beaten both Virginia and VCU.

This morning’s longread

Advice from My Anxiety

Hey Kel, you think your alarm is set to the right time? I bet it’s noooooooooooooot. Want to go ahead and check one more time?

Story of my dang life.

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