Good Morning, RVA: Snow day! Again!

Well, here we are again. Hope you bread-and-milked ahead of time.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 22 °F and snowing. Expect the snow to continue throughout the morning until it switches over to sleet around lunchtime. This evening, temperatures increase and the rain begins.

Things are probably closed! Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, and Richmond schools are all closed, as are UR, VCU, and VUU. University of Richmond will open at 10:30 AM. It’s also Presidents’ Day (aka Washington’s Birthday), so all of the things that would be closed on a federal holiday are still closed today.

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This past weekend Supreme Court Justice Scalia died, which is a huge deal and means you need to read a lot of articles. The SCOTUSblog details what happens to cases he was working on and what the Court will do until a replacement can be appointed–but maybe it’s not that straightforward. They also definitively answer the question of whether there’s precedent for nominating a Supreme Court Justice during an election year (Spoiler: yes, tons). Vox has an early list of possible replacements, and USA Today has statements from all the other justices–including his best pal Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The longest the Senate has ever taken to confirm or deny a judge is 124 days.

Here’s a condescending editorial in the Richmond Times Dispatch about Richmond Public Schools. I find the headline dangerous. The costs of appropriately investing in Richmond Public Schools are so dang high precisely because we’ve ignored them for so long. Imagine your roof started leaking a couple of decades ago but you decide to do nothing about it. Are the costs of replacing your now-collapsing roof higher or lower than they would have been to fix the leak years ago? It sucks that this is the situation we find ourselves in regarding our schools, but this is the reality. The conversation needs to move away from “Scoff! They should make do with the money they have!” towards “OK, how can we address the immediate emergency and avoid situations like this moving forward?”

In case you missed it on Friday, I wrote about all of the stuff you can look forward to now that BRT is a reality. There are studies, construction plans, high speed rail, and even a rockstar transportation guy! 2016 is going to be a great year for public transportation in Richmond, y’all.

Speaking of! Richmond Magazine has a Q&A with John Moeser–a senior fellow at the University of Richmond’s Bonner Center for Civic Engagement–about BRT, poverty, and our chances for a truly regional transportation system.


  • Rams took their frustrations out on Saint Louis with a 33-point thrashing.
  • Spiders beat Fordham, 71-67, and are now riding a three-game winning streak.
  • #7 Wahoos lost on a buzzer beater at Duke, falling 62-63. Today they host North Carolina State at 7:00 PM on ESPN.

This morning’s longread

What Romance Means After 10 Years of Marriage

The perfect piece for those of you trapped at home, yet again, with a loved one.

After a decade of marriage, if things go well, you don’t need any more proof. What you have instead — and what I would argue is the most deeply romantic thing of all — is this palpable, reassuring sense that it’s okay to be a human being. Because until you feel absolutely sure that you won’t eventually be abandoned, it’s maybe not 100 percent clear that any other human mortal can tolerate another human mortal. The smells. The sounds. The repetitive fixations on the same dumb shit, over and over. Even as you develop a kind of a resigned glaze of oh, this again in, say, marital years one through five, you also feel faintly unnerved by your own terrible mortal humanness.

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