Good Morning, RVA: Sad feelings, Zika, Speed, pitching in, and bees

Don’t wear socks today. Don’t you do it.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 64 °F, and we’ve got another great day lined up–with highs that may even top 90 °F. It’s nice to sweat again, y’all. In fact, the rest of this entire week looks pretty nice, and at some point in the next few days you may even need to water your garden. I’ve got my eye on next week, though. I’m not sure I like the cut of its jib.

Water cooler

Lots of folks showed up at last night’s meeting to talk over the updates on the proposed redevelopment of the Westhampton Theatre. Most of the concern was over parking, which, isn’t it always? My concern, however, is that I still feel unreasonably sad about never being able to watch a movie in that upstairs theatre again. Let’s have a public meeting about that, OK?

What’s the deal with Zika in the Commonwealth? Is it time to freak out and batten down our personal hatches? Or nah? Susan Howson explains (with help from the CDC). Also, the featured image for that article is something else.

Susan also absolutely loved the Science Museum’s newest exhibit: Speed. She’s not the only one, either. It feels like I can’t accidentally have a meeting at the wrong Lamplighter without someone gushing about how good this new exhibit is.

Guys! It’s 2016, The Year Everyone Pitches In™! This article about folks stepping up around town and pitching in to get the mowing done warms my heart, as does this one about a principal cutting her school’s grass. Remember, if you want to help out the City asks that you call first and give them a heads up. I wonder how else we can all Pitch In™?

A great way to pitch in is to pay your dang taxes; WRIC reports that about $52 million is owed to The City in outstanding tax payments. Concilman Agelasto says publishing a shame list of delinquents could help with collections, which Petersburg just did and ended up collecting $581,000. Sure, that’s only slightly more than one percent of $52 million–but every little bit helps when you’re looking at deficit.

That kid is back in the Scripps National Spelling Bee!

Don’t forget about Breakaway RVA’s inaugural ride tonight. If you’re looking to casually hang out with regular folks doing regular-folk things but while riding a bike, this is for you. Think the opposite of spandex and energy bars–this is more like Sambas and beers.

I guess you should read the inspector general’s report on Hillary Clinton’s email situation. Man, so boring. Vox has an only slightly less boring summary.

Sometimes I feel like President Obama’s just a regular dude, up there in D.C., running the country. Then I learn that the rent in his next home will be $22,000! Per month?!


  • Well, well, well! With the win last night, the Squirrels have put together a two-game winning streak and have won four of the last five. They have a chance to win the series against Binghamton today at 10:35 AM.
  • Nats were blanked by the Mets, 0-2. A shiny new series with the Cardinals begins tonight at 7:05 PM.

This morning’s longread

Star Wars Episode IV in one picture

Seriously. It’s all of Episode IV in one awesomely long image.

Infographic adaptation of Star Wars A New Hope, 123m (403.5 ft) of scrolling by graphic novelist Martin Panchaud.

This morning’s Instagram

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