Good Morning, RVA: Rainnnnnn, maps, bitcoins, vapes, and a new thing

Darling, it’s definitely not better down where it’s wetter. Who told you that?

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 50 °F and rainy and jeez we are all so surprised by this. The forecast says rain, rain, rain for the rest of the day with things finally drying out late this evening. Tomorrow the sun and slightly warmer temperatures may return. And Sunday could officially be A Nice Day™–until then, though, the Mushroom Kingdom continues to reign over this region.

Water cooler

There’s a new candidate running for the 4th District Council seat, which makes two just this week. The previous link also confirms that Councilwoman Graziano is for-real for-real retiring. With her retirement, that makes the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 9th all open races with no incumbents. If you’re thinking about running for office, you totally should! Remember, the filing deadline is June 14th, so you still have plenty of time jump into the race!

Whoa, Style Weekly makes me aware of all these digital maps former UR President Ed Ayers is working on. Reserve your clicks and taps for when you have some free time to burn up; The ones showing foreign-born population and forced migration of enslaved people are fascinating. More please!

There’s a Bitcoin ATM on Venable Street?

The grade-school back-and-forth between Paul Ryan and Donald Trump would be all LOLs if the former wasn’t the Speaker of the House and the later the Republican presidential candidate. Just 185 days left of this, you guys!

The FDA has decide it wants to regulate vaping (as well as hookahs and pipe tobacco). I’m sure vapedudes and hookahlads are unhappy with the decision. Vox has a more in-depth explanation of what it all means. Best wholesale cbd oil can be purchased here.

– Check also: Grey Haze vaping mods regulations.

It’s Mom Day on Sunday. Don’t forget.


Th Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, which means mint juleps for all! Annie Tobey even gives you a classic mint julep recipe for you to try from the comfort of your own home. My favorite horse names from this year’s entries: Suddenbreakingnews and My Man Sam.

  • Kickers host the Wilmington Hammerheads FC on Saturday–assuming City Stadium isn’t filled to the brim with water like a giant bowl. Speaking of giant water bowls, this Saturday is the pet-friendly Bark & Brew Fest before the game. Two tickets and two beers for $22 dollars!
  • Squirrels were rained out of yesterday’s game. They travel to Altoona tonight…where it is also raining.
  • Nats fell to the Cubs, 2-5. That series resumes today at 2:20 PM and continues throughout the weekend.
  • Caps have got to win on Saturday–7:15 PM against the Penguins–to stay alive in the Stanley Cup.

The People’s Q&A

A new section approaches…it’s The People’s Q&A! One of the rewards over at the Patreon is the chance to ask me any question, which I will then answer in this very space. Today, a patron who wishes to remain anonymous because “who knows what kind of crazy people read the daily emails” (legit concern anonymous patron!), asks:

If you had to eat all three meals in one day at one restaurant in Richmond, where would you go?

First, this is an amazing question. Second, I’m going to assume that a restaurant doesn’t need to actually serve all three meals to be eligible, because not a ton of places do breakfast, lunch, and dinner (otherwise the answer is Joe’s). My first instinct was to say La Milpa, because carnitas (either in taco or torta form) sounds perfect for every meal of the day–but that seems lazy. So I think my final answer is The Continental:

  1. I’ve had their brunch and…whoadang. I recommend both their Chicken & Waffles and Benedict Arnold.
  2. Cone of Dirty Chips may be my favorite “meal” in the city.
  3. Disco fries!

I’d love to hear what everyone else says, though!

This morning’s longread

James Fallows on Eleven Signs a City Will Succeed

Well, we’ve certainly got this particular sign nailed:

One final marker, perhaps the most reliable: A city on the way back will have one or more craft breweries, and probably some small distilleries too.

This morning’s Instagram

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