Good Morning, RVA: Pro tip, develop gills

Even galoshes are over it.

Photo by Benson Kua.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 61°F, and temps will plummet today as snow clouds roll in, bringing you the white Christmas of your dreams. I am totally kidding, it’ll rain and get up to 69°F at least. The forecast now calls for thunderstorms on December 25th–I fear for Santa’s airborne safety.

Water cooler

Thanks, Katy Burnell Evans, for starting my morning off with emotions, jeez. Her piece about RIchmond City Justice Center inmates having tea with their children may do that thing where your heart gets warm but then you feel helpless and want to crawl into a hole. There’s probably a German word for that.

On the criminal justice front, McAuliffe has pardoned a guy who has been in prison for 20+ years, convicted of setting fire to his Roanoke home and killing his two children in the process. Pardons are super rare and fascinating, and the idea that science could prove a bunch of incarcerated people innocent is a pretty neat one.

Style’s retrospective of notable Richmonders who passed away this year is absolutely worth a read. Learning about real and fascinating people is the best way to become fascinating and inspiring yourself, if you ask me. Speaking of which, I am currently reading Never Ask Permission by Richmond writer Mary Buford Hitz about her mother, Elisabeth Scott Bocock. It is a thousand percent delightful and I can’t put it down. Also recommended: anything you can find about Mary Wingfield Scott, her cousin. Game-changing RVA women of the early 20th century!

Not sure I’d be super comfortable with SantaCon, which Vox explains here. A trillion drunk people whose faces I can’t see–possibly with the power to get onto my roof and down my chimney–that makes me nervous.

Is anybody else suddenly looking at a long weekend ahead of you in which you’ve found yourself in charge of several dinners involving visiting family members? If one out-of-town sibling shows up with his family, it’s silly not to invite the other out-of-town sibling and the in-town sibling and the parents and the in-laws and the nieces and the nephews and everyone’s dog that they just had to bring to town with them. Mary-Jo Sawyer, writing for the RTD, has some good tips for this occasion. I have taken these tips to heart!


  • Rams ended a losing streak with a 69 – 90 win over the Buffalo Bulls. They’ll hopefully turn this into a streak on Sunday against Liberty at 5:00 PM at the Stu.
  • Spiders also had a good game yesterday, trouncing the Presbyterian Blue Hose, 44 – 74 at the Robins Center. They head to Texas Tech for a December 29th game at 9:00 PM.
  • Hokies football returns on December 26th as they host Tulsa at 5:45 PM. The b-ball Hokies lost yesterday to St. Joe’s, 79 – 62.
  • Cavaliers squeaked by the California Golden Bears yesterday and won by one point. They don’t play again until they take on Oakland on December 30th.

This morning’s longread

Mariah Carey’s List is Short: All She Wants is Immortality

This terribly interesting window into the holiday music biz is at times really soft-hearted, which is cute.

This is to say that she’s also a genius. Who knows where Taylor Swift and Rihanna will be in 20 years? If they need it, though, Ms. Carey is devising a road map for the future. Her popularity may rise, spectacularly crash, then rise again, as may the quality of her artistry. But she’s lasted.

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