Good Morning, RVA: New names, shames, and budget games

Cloudy. Cloudy. Cloudy.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s a chilly 50 °F at the moment, but today’s highs in the 70s seem pretty nice. Plus we may even see the sun later this afternoon.

Over the weekend though? Clouds and rain–with most of the latter on Sunday.

Water cooler

Yesterday, the Henrico School Board decided to rename Harry F. Byrd Middle School to…Quioccasin Middle School! This is not the most exciting choice, as the school’s address is 9400 Quioccasin Road, but it’s certainly safe and uncontroversial. But what does Quioccasin mean? The Henrico Historical Society isn’t sure, but thinks maybe it refers to a temple or gathering place.

Michael Paul Williams at the RTD has the personal story of one of the 206,000 Virginians whose voting rights were restored by Governor Terry McAuliffe. There are real people behind those big, impersonal numbers!

Tina Eshleman at Richmond Magazine interviews some of the victims of Virginia’s Sterilization Act of 1924. This act was part of a package of eugenics laws that also included The Racial Integrity Act. Shameful and embarrassing Virginia history that we should all be aware of.

Sometimes our Virginia present is embarrassing, too. This map of places in the US that have ever had a woman in Congress has a conspicuous Virginia-shaped hole in it.

I haven’t listened to it yet, but yesterday, Council met for the third time to discuss the budget and possible budget amendments. For the third time they left a multi-hour session with not a whole lot decided. Ned Oliver says they did agree on reducing the mayor’s security detail–which, great, but doesn’t get the City any closer to closing its budget gap, let alone funding a serious portion of the Richmond Public Schools budget. Council will go for round four on Monday, and we should have the audio up from yesterday’s meeting later today (you know, if you’re looking for a heckuva way to spend your weekend).

We got this week’s dang food news for you, as well as five things to do this weekend. Oh! Also! A ton of booze news, too!

It’s Friday! Let Monday You worry about all of your responsibilities, and instead watch Cheetah Cam all day. They’re so fuzzy!

Drakewatch™: Views, his new album, dropped today!

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  • Squirrels return home today and host Hartford at 7:05 PM. Assuming the weather holds, you can get your tickets online.
  • Kickers host the Toronto FC II on Saturday. It’s also Bike RVA Fest!
  • Nats were swept by the Phillies, losing 0-3 the past two games. The series against the Cardinals begins tonight at 8:15 PM.
  • Caps beat the Penguins 4-3 in overtime. The series continues tomorrow.

This morning’s longread

The Hidden Economics of Porn

It’s Friday so…an article about pornography? It’s from The Atlantic though guys, so it’s legit! I swear!

That’s what my experience is, and it dovetails with your question about ethics. We wouldn’t dream of walking into Whole Foods and stealing. But that part of people’s ethical behavior turns off when they go online and they find free porn. Watching free porn is the equivalent of walking into the grocery store and walking out with food that you’re not paying for. Making ethical decisions about pornography means knowing where your porn comes from and the labor conditions under which it was made. Those are the sorts of questions that economists are concerned with. If we’re willing to be concerned about those issues when it comes to sneakers or food, then we need to transfer those concerns to the adult industry as well.

This morning’s Instagram

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