Good Morning, RVA: Melty Monday

Today, our common enemy is the oppressive heat.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 77 °F; expect heat, humidity, and possible thunderstorms this afternoon. The heat index could be as high as 105 °F–which is nothing to screw around with: be careful and stay hydrated. Relief should come in the middle of the week as temperatures drop to the low 80s.

Water cooler

City Council meets tonight at 6:00 PM. The agenda (PDF), has a million items on the consent portion (including adjusting the hours that The Camel can offer live music) and just two on the regular portion. Both regular agenda items pertain to the proposed condos below Libby Hill.

Speaking of development projects that people have strong opinions on, the RTD has a more detailed look at what the “privately financed” baseball stadium on the Boulevard could look like. If I took all of the architectural drawings of proposed baseball stadiums on the Boulevard from the last couple of years I could construct a new baseball stadium on the Boulevard. In fact, WTVR has some more, these from the man who helped build The Diamond!

If you’re a man (or woman) with a plan, and also a man (or woman) way into transportation, the GRTC wants you…to join a task force! They’re looking for a couple of folks to take part in a new advisory group that’ll help improve our public transit system. If you’re picked, maybe you can convince them to start a direct bus route to the airport.

I know almost nothing about the pros or cons of gold mining, but the possibility of a “mine reclamation” project in Goochland seems pretty neat. It would be the first time gold was mined in Virginia since 1947.


  • Squirrels went 2-1 against Bowie over the weekend, they’ll finish up today at 11:05 AM before a rare day off.
  • Kickers sacked Sacramento Republic FC, 2-1.
  • Nats won two out of three against the Phillies, they’re off until Friday.

This morning’s longread

The Best Rice Cookers

This incredibly thorough article and review of rice cookers was the most interesting thing I read all weekend.

…in many rural parts of Asia, when a village gets power, the first things a family saves up for is a rice cooker, as it can dramatically improve people’s lives. Traditionally, the women of the house are expected to prepare rice for every meal, and while it’s not particularly difficult to cook rice, it is time-consuming and requires vigilance. And if you’re in a situation where you have limited or traditional cooking facilities, it can be excruciatingly hot work (especially in summer) and take up a cooking element that might otherwise be used for other foods.

Photo by: sandy’s dad

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