Good Morning, RVA: It’s cold and dreary

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 48 °F, and today’s gonna be cold and rainy. Highs will stick in the mid-50s, and the rain could start around lunchtime and continue through the afternoon. Basically: bleh.

Water cooler

City Council meets tonight y’all, and boy do they have a massive agenda (PDF). Bus passes, CAO reports, community gardens, and more! With five of the eight public comment slots (PDF) taken up by folks speaking about the BRT should be an interesting night. Show starts at 6:00 PM.

I think Doug Wilder is using the Richmond Times Dispatch as his personal blog. I totally understand though, if a former governor and mayor comes to you and says “hey let me blog on your site,” you probably say yes. The latest entry on Doug Wilder Dot Tumblr Dot Com talks about Richmond’s mayoral system, admonishes the current governor for having a preferred candidate for mayor, and explains Wilder’s role in a slavery museum.

Katherine Wintsch is this year’s Christmas Mother! Wintsch is the founder and CEO of The Mom Complex in addition to be a very inspiring person that we talk about all the time in our office.

Richmond Magazine’s Tina Griego explores the battleground precincts of Virginia Senate District 10 with good results. People is people, turns out.

In response to an entire set of things, the black Mizzou football players are boycotting future football activities–including football games. This Twitter moment gives you a good idea of the tense environment on campus.


  • After a slow start, the Rams dominated California (PA) in Friday’s exhibition game, winning 96-60.
  • Richmond lost their first FCS game of the season, falling to New Hampshire, 25-30.
  • Wahoos must now win all of their remaining games to become bowl eligible after losing to Miami, 21-27.
  • Washington kept the Patriots’ record perfect, losing 10-27.
  • D.C. United saw their season end with a 0-1 loss in the semifinals to the New York Red Bulls.

This morning’s longread

Open Carry Laws – C.J. Grisham and the Right to Bear Arms in Texas

But somehow Texas was a holdout. Police there were fiercely opposed to open carry, saying it would make their lives more dangerous. In the era of mass shootings, they said, how is it even possible to tell the difference between a patriot and a deranged killer? Isn’t a pointless tragedy inevitable? The first time Grisham organized a rally in his quiet little central-Texas city, police put snipers on rooftops, called in the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, and took pictures of everyone in the crowd. Outraged, Grisham responded with an onslaught of activism one gun blog called “the biggest social movement in Texas since the Civil Rights days.” Over the next two years, he would lead more than two thousand events across the state and recruit fifty thousand active followers, who pestered their local representatives relentlessly. In January 2016, largely because of him, Texans will be able to carry handguns openly for the first time since Reconstruction. 

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