Good Morning, RVA: It’s a pleasure sweating with you

Without any oppressive humidity, I’d almost forgotten we live in a swamp.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 74 °F, and we’ve got a repeat of yesterday on tap for today. Subtle differences: Highs may creep up into the slightly higher low-90s and there’s a chance of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon–but when isn’t there? Also, humidity. Always humidity.

Water cooler

Yesterday Susan Howson and I talked about why we should stop venerating Richmond’s Confederate symbols. People had many thoughts! You probably have many thoughts! We all have thoughts!–and that was the point. Let’s talk about our thoughts in a civil, respectful way, preferably in a way that involves local craft beer and not Facebook comments.

Martin’s and Food Lion are merging, which I think we knew. What I didn’t know is the overlap of their market share basically only exists in Richmond. Randy Hallman at the RTD has some more of the nerdy, legal details which I found super interesting.

As part of my ongoing effort to keep you informed of all Big Bike Race™ news, I bring you word of the new Richmond 2015 blend of Blanchard’s Coffee. I will purchase this based solely on the awesome packaging.

Via WTVR, “The one thing you can do to help keep bears away from your home this season.” What in the world! Bears in midlothian!

The Supreme Court will issue a couple of reeeeeally big opinions over the next few days, covering a wide range of issues: Same-sex marriage, the Affordable Care Act, an interesting redistricting issue, and the definition of violent felons as it relates to minimum sentencing. You can read all about each one at the SCOTUSblog, which will also begin live coverage today at 9:00 AM for the anticipated 10:00 AM opinions.


  • Squirrels fell to Trenton, 3-7. Boooooo! Pending weather, they’ll face off again tonight at 6:35 PM–get your tickets.
  • Wahoos defeated the evil Vanderbilt Commodores, 4-2, to win the program’s first ever national championship! Go Hoos!
  • Nats extend the streak to five with their second win over the Braves, 2-1. They wrap the series today at 4:05 PM.
  • DC United put out the Chicago Fire (which is still think is a hilariously awesome name for a sports team from Chicago), 1-0.

What to expect

  • The familiar Thursday combination of 5 Things and Food News
  • A fascinating piece by Maat Free on Pocohontas Island, a place of which I was previously unaware
  • A list of places to watch fireworks next week

This morning’s longread

Summer camp: Where kids grow up on their own and parents back home stay the same.

Warning: emotions ahead.

These hidden glimpses of children in their natural habitat show us their essential version of themselves. What you see is both new and familiar–like the picture of my daughter on the escalator at the airport. The moments don’t last long. When the kids sense that you’re watching–notified by some fibrillation of the hairs on their arms or inner ear disturbance–they change, even if it’s to run to give you a hug. As I watched my daughter on the open field, I put my camera under my jacket. They can sense those at 60 paces.

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