Good Morning, RVA: Hello, September!

How did this happen? Who authorized such rapid passing of time?!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 69 °F and for the rest of this week you should expect temperatures in the 90s and plenty of sun. Despite the fact that it is officially September (!), this summer is holding fast and refusing to give up. Stay strong, summer!

Water cooler

Katherine Calos writing for the RTD reveals the absolutely insane growth–in about every metric–that the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has experienced since their expansion in 2010. The VMFA is so rad, so free, and so air conditioned that our family ends up spending a lot of time there. But if you enjoy sweating and need a special reason to stop by the museum (other than, of course, the amazing art), let me point you towards this weekend’s Tattoo Arts and Film Festival.

Three weeks from now the world comes to Richmond in the form of a very Big Bike Race. Susan Howson has all the details you need to have the very best of times. Share the previously linked piece with all of your friends, family, and any out-of-town Swedes you come across. One very serious and totally legit rule: no selfie sticks! Not a joke!

Yesterday I linked to the news that the Magpie is closed for good; running a restaurant is hard and sometimes sad. Karri Peifer has more info on why the spot closed despite a boatload of critical acclaim.

Today’s best headline, from WTVR: “Table fell 60 feet onto Belle Isle pedestrian bridge, witness who heard ‘thunderous sound’ said.”

I forgot to talk about President Obama renaming Mt. McKinley to Denali! Vox tells the story with this headline, which is truly today’s best (sorry previous headline!): “Obama intervenes in ancient Ohio-Alaska mountain-based blood feud.”

We’ve added some new merchandise to our store: RVA keychains! They’re $5 a pop, and would look great hanging next to your U-lock key and Kroger card.


  • Our hometown Squirrels couldn’t get it done against Harrisburg yesterday, losing 5-6. The series continues tonight at 7:00 PM.
  • Nats fell, 5-8, to the Cardinals. They’ll try and clip those birds tonight at 8:15 PM.

This morning’s longread

Welcome to Liberland, the World’s Newest Country (Maybe)

This is (maybe) the most sarcastic and condescending thing I’ve ever read in the New York Times. Very funny and highly recommended.

Jedlicka had long dreamed of such a proclamation. An avowed small-government libertarian and euroskeptic, he searched for two years for suitable territory on which to establish Liberland. The man he intermittently calls minister of information technology eventually discovered the plot via consultation of the ”terra nullius” entry on Wikipedia. According to the homestead principle, as well as the rules stipulated by the Montevideo Convention of 1933, Jedlicka felt the land was technically his after the flag-planting rite, carried out by Jedlicka, his girlfriend and a college friend. Though he claims he did not seek political office himself, and he in fact recused himself from the initial round of voting, Jedlicka was immediately elected the nation’s first president by a vote of two to zero.

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