Good Morning, RVA: Goodbye, sun.

Clouds from now until later, get used to it.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 48 °F and cloudy and thus shall it be until the rain rolls in late tonight / early tomorrow. The next few days are set to be wet and gross, so mentally prepare yourself to squish around town until probably Thursday.

Water cooler

Richmond Police are reporting a double homicide that took place early Saturday morning. Cory J. Holmes and Marquetta Y. Harris were both found shot multiple times in an apartment at 2900 Chamberlayne Avenue. These are the ninth and tenth murders of 2016.

The Maggie Walker artist, Toby Mendez, unveiled his initial concept for the Maggie Walker statue and plaza on Saturday. It contains no tree! Gasp! You can see his renderings over on Style Weekly.

This piece by Ned Oliver about how Richmond just hasn’t budgeted for leaf collection and snow removal for a couple decades does not fill one with confidence. New city CAO Selena Cuffee-Glen, who does fill one with confidence, says she’s never seen anything like it over her 30 years in the biz and pledged to, you know, like, budget for things moving forward.

City Council meets tonight at 6:00 PM, and you can find the agenda right here (PDF). On deck tonight: Approval of the Church Hill Central Conservation Area, asking the School Board to do some math related to a tax hike, and a ton of ordinances related to providing “multimodal transportation and drainage improvements along Jahnke Road between its intersection with Blakemore Road and its intersection with Forest Hill Avenue.” You can watch tonight’s meeting on channel 57 and/or follow #rvacouncil on Twitter.

This past Friday, Stone Brewing Co. soft-opened, and people were stoked! I think the kind folks at Stone were maybe a tiny bit unprepared for just how stoked Richmonders can be about things, as suddenly a trillion people showed up and beer lines were way, way long. They’re taking a few days off, will resoft-open this Friday, and open for real on March 2nd.

Richmond Magazine hosted the Elbys this weekend, an Oscars-like celebration of the folks who make Richmond’s food scene go. Read through the entire list of winners, and make your dinner plans for the next several months.

Hilary won Nevada, Trump won South Carolina, Jeb’s out, and John Kasich is in Richmond tonight for a town hall meeting at the Egyptian Building. Next up for primaries is Nevada’s Republican caucus tomorrow, South Carolina’s Democratic Primary on Saturday, and then Super Tuesday on March 1st–that’s us!


Richmonder Denny Hamlin won the Daytona 500, fulfilling a childhood dream. No really, here’s an adorable thing he wrote as a child about how his wish was to win the Daytona 500.

  • Rams controlled the entire game against the Spiders on Friday, winning 87-74.
  • Hokies topped Florida State, 83-73, for their sixth conference win.
  • #7 Wahoos take on #11 Miami tonight at 7:00 PM on ESPN.

This morning’s longread

What Happened to the Great Urban Design Projects?

Do you need bright and shiny public projects or wonky practical stuff? Or maybe both!

Yet engineers, planners and policy makers tend to focus on wonky stuff like percentage of parkland per person. They’re awash in acronyms like V.M.T. (vehicle miles traveled), too reliant on planning terms like modeshare that don’t resonate with the general public. These things may be useful in measuring the metrics of a city, but they sure don’t get to the reasons people want to live there. You don’t move to one city because it has 35 percent more parkland per person than another city. You move there because you fall in love with it, or with someone there, or you get a job there, or your family is from there. We need to address metrics, but the bigger goal is to make cities that we love.

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