Good Morning, RVA: Get outside!

It’s cold now, but this weekend looks lovely.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 17 °F, yet somehow the high on Sunday could reach the mid-60s–a full, 50-degree temperature swing! In between now and then, we’ll have plenty of sunshine with highs in the upper-40s today and upper-50s tomorrow. Basically we’re headed for the best do-stuff-outside weekend we’ve had in awhile.

Water cooler

Looks like Dominion Virginia Power will invest a ton of money in solar power over the next couple of years. You know that when your regular old utility company starts investing in something big time that it’s no longer a far-off future tech. Which is crazy to me! Electricity! Powered by the earth’s yellow sun! Like Superman!

In this week’s beer news I am successfully trolled by Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial. You win this round Anheuser-Busch, you win this round (Just kidding! High Life forever!).

Generally, I’m against people having more access to deadly weapons. But, specifically, I’m pro ninja star.

The RTD has today’s most Lego-ready headline: “Bear Lady’s death shrouded in mystery“. Spoiler alert: Turns out the mystery shrouding her death is probably not all that mysterious.

Wait, just kidding, this headline from WTVR is perfect: “3 vehicles crash after dump truck loses load of bile on Route 288“. Although I don’t know how you build bile out of Lego…


  • Spiders fell to LaSalle, 62-64, last night. They’ll return home on Sunday to host Rhode Island at 2:30 PM.
  • #18 Rams take on the St. Bonaventure Bonnies Saturday at 2:00 PM.
  • Hokies return to Blacksburg against Florida State, Saturday at 3:00 PM. The last four Tech games have been decided by three or fewer points.
  • #3 Wahoos face #9 Louisville Saturday at 7:00 PM–their second top-10 matchup in as many games.

This morning’s longread

The Fight to Save Japan’s Young Shut-Ins

When the Kimura family moved here from Tokyo, their middle school-aged daughter missed her old friends. Midway into her first year in high school, she stopped going. Between 14 and 19, she barely left the house, and for one year hardly left her room, interacting only with her parents.

Now 33 and recovered, Ms. Kimura says she was “hikikomori.” That’s the name of a type of social withdrawal that can be so severe, people with it don’t leave their houses for years. It’s also what those who suffer from the condition are called.

This morning’s Instagram

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