Good Morning, RVA: Fighting off winter

Today’s weather could force awkward fashion choices.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 51 °F now, but by this afternoon temperatures will revist the upper-60s. Take that irrepressible march of winter! Partly cloudy today with a wayward chance of a sprinkle, nothing serious though.

Water cooler

This interview with Kathrine Switzer by Kathryn Pullam is incredible. Switzer was the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, something that until the late 60s was considered way too challenging for a women to attempt. Switzer changed all that and inspired a zillion folks along the way. She’ll be in town this week speaking at an event before this weekend’s Richmond Marathon.

Speaking of, this is your first warning: The Richmond Marathon is this weekend. I haven’t gone through the road closures with a fine-tooth comb yet, but here’s the list from last year that should give you an idea of what to expect. Basically, between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM lots of roads will close and you may be trapped if you’re trying to pick up a coffee, bagel, or biscuit. Avoid a morning of consternation, and plan ahead!

Whatever happened to Kanawha Plaza? After demolition began this summer, it’s sat as a near-perfect replica of Super Mario Bros. 3 World 2 for months now. Ned Oliver has the word on recent developments that hope to bring the plaza more in line with World 4–minus all the giant turtles.

Deep baseball stadium snark via this annonymous RTD editorial.

WRIC has collected some tweets and photos from yesterday’s demonstration at VCU that was in support of the students at Mizzou. Jelani Cobb at the New Yorker really nails what’s going with the conflation of long-existing racial tensions on college campuses with political correctness: “That these issues have now been subsumed in a debate over political correctness and free speech on campus–important but largely separate subjects–is proof of the self-serving deflection to which we should be accustomed at this point.”

Police are reporting a fatal shooting that occurred on Tuesday on the Southside. This is the city’s 30th homicide of 2015.


  • Hokies head down to Georgia to face the Yellow Jackets tonight at 7:30 PM on ESPN. There are only three games remaining in Frank Beamer’s career.

This morning’s longread

This Is Your Brain on Tetris

Here’s a charming 1994 interview with the guy who created Tetris. The article ends with the author imaging what an entirely virtual world could look like and then a fax number.

For me, Tetris is some song which you sing and sing inside yourself and can’t stop.

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