Good Morning, RVA: Don’t worry, maybe summer will come back

We had a good run, though, you have to admit.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 70 °F, and today will be stupid hot! High of 91 °F with maybe some rain but probably not. The rest of this week will be similar, so please join me in petitioning area pools to stay open until November.

Water cooler

Kim Davis is still doing her thing, which is getting pretty tiresome. Does she know about some historical figure who has stood in the way of human rights and has been celebrated for it long after the fact? Because I sure don’t.

Ross Catrow is also doing his thing, which is driving back very sleepily from a Virginia Tech football game, I hear it ended very disappointingly. Buck up, Hokie fans! The season is young, and you’ll have plenty of chances to see the pigskin make a field goal or whatever. Paul Woody at the RTD has some thoughts about it, but they seem pretty bleak, so you may just want to skip it.

Do not skip Michael Paul Williams’s latest, about local efforts to galvanize folks into participating in the Journey for Justice, which will move through town this week! Pretty neat.

To bring you up to speed, there was a cyclist who died after being struck by a car this past Saturday in Hanover County. That makes me feel sad and hollow. Pay really close attention, please, drivers, particularly with all the bike enthusiasts tooling around in the coming weeks.

I enjoyed this Tina Griego piece for Richmond Magazine on refugees in Richmond, and I hope Griego will do a follow-up on the highlighted family within the article. There aren’t really any jokes to make about that, I just hope they do well.

Tardigrades are so weird and amazing and kind of cute yet possibly really gross. The New York Time agrees and tries to make sense of them, before concluding that maybe there is no sense to make. Maybe they are just a copy of this very poorly done clay bear I made in elementary school, floating around endlessly. Because that’s almost exactly what they look like.

Wait, this Texas football player assaulting a referee situation–isn’t this from the Writer’s Strike dud season of Friday Night Lights?

Don’t forget, this Thursday is the big, the bad, the beautiful RVANews Live #004: Out with the Old, featuring Sarah Fought and her Konmari wizardry as well as Ana Edwards, our favorite local social justice activist. Food by Relay, moderation by yours truly, sparkling conversation provided by you, our readers! Here’s everything you could possibly want to know about the subjects, and if you’re already convinced, here’s the ticket link!


  • Nats lost by three runs to the Mets, and they play again tonight. This is crunch time, Nats, and your 71 – 66 record is not inspiring confidence. They did, however, sweep the Braves over the holiday weekend.
  • Kickers ended their Saturday game in a draw, matching the Rhinos 0 – 0. They play the optimistically named Harrisburg City Islanders away on Saturday, then host Toronto FC II at home on Wednesday, September 16th.
  • Squirrels surpassed Reading by one run to end the season 72 – 68 and third in the Eastern League Western, just behind the Altoona Curve.

This morning’s longread

Female Spies and Gender-Bending Soldiers Changed the Course of the Civil War

Women! Is there anything we can’t do? (Besides earn fair wages, etc.)

“The Civil War was this bloody, horrible thing, and then it became a romantic ideal,” Abbott says. “It was almost the last straw for Elizabeth when Virginians erected a statue of General Lee on the main street in Richmond in 1890 and hundreds of thousands of people were thronging it in adulation. It was like, ‘Really? I risked my life and we won the war for this? This is what Virginia is going to be now?’ It was a moment of clarity and a horrible disappointment. She realized what she had lost and what she had won, and the two weren’t quite equal.”

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