Good Morning, RVA: Cool week, bro

Last week was exhausting, so this beautiful weather to start the week is much appreciated.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 64 °F, and with highs stuck in the mid-80s, yesterday’s beautiful weather continues today. Temperate and sunny–just like my disposition.

Water cooler

Markus Schmidt, writing for the RTD, has the details on some of the boring legislative work necessary now that the Supreme Court has made same-sex marriages the law of the land. While combing through all of Virginia’s laws looking for occurrences of “husband” and “wife” to replace with “spouse” sounds awful to me, I bet there’s a certain set of lawyers who live for this kind of thing.

Today’s best headline award goes to Katy Burnell Evans of the RTD for “All kidding aside, area goat mowing trend has teeth.”

A SpaceX rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station on Sunday exploded a couple of minutes into its flight. This follows two other recent launch failures, which just goes to shows that strapping a couple tons of stuff to a bomb and shooting it into space is still a pretty challenging and amazing thing.

Max Fisher at Vox explains CNN’s most recent on-air embarrassment in a delightful way (that’s possibly NSFW, depending on your work).


  • After losing three in a row against Trenton last week, the Squirrels had every game over the weekend postponed due to weather. Tonight, they’ll resume midway through one of the cancelled games and, afterwards, play a shortened, seven-inning game.
  • Kickers battled the Charlotte Independence to a 0-0 draw.
  • Nats won two of three over the weekend against the Phillies.
  • Neither D.C. United nor Toronto FC managed to find the back of the net in Saturday’s 0-0 draw.

What to expect

  • So what’s the deal with the children’s hospital again?
  • Leaves of three, let it be!
  • Marriage: now for everyone

This morning’s longread

Andrew Sullivan on Gay Marriage

Andrew Sullivan, writing for The Atlantic, on advocating for same-sex marriage over the last several decades.

But some things you know deep in your heart: that all human beings are made in the image of God; that their loves and lives are equally precious; that the pursuit of happiness promised in the Declaration of Independence has no meaning if it does not include the right to marry the person you love; and has no force if it denies that fundamental human freedom to a portion of its citizens.

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