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If you’re not sweating, you’re not working.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 67 °F, and heat reigns supreme yet again. Fear not though, temperatures will cool as the week progresses and the chance of thunderstorms increases. Keep your umbrellas and galoshes handy this evening.

Water cooler

Last night at City Council, the mayor’s Shockoe stadium proposal rose from near death. Council and the mayor agreed to a new budget compromise with the stadium receiving $10 million and school infrastructure receiving over $2 million, allowing both parties to (mostly) save face. The ever intrepid Grant Moomaw has the details. The saga continues to continue.

Oral arguments in Bostic v. Schaefer, Virginia’s same-sex marriage case, begin today.

Did you know Clay Aiken was a candidate for North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District? Did you know that the election, as of yesterday, was too close to call? Did you also know that Aiken’s opponent died after falling in his home yesterday?

Iconic and brilliantly creepy artist H. R. Geiger died yesterday also from injuries suffered in a fall. I want to make a chestburster joke, but I’m too sad.

This morning’s longread

Do right by me

Do you want your heart to break into a million pieces and tears to stream down your face? Then read these powerful, autobiographical stories of four girls raised in foster care.

I have been through so much, and I don’t want my son to go through the same thing. I’ve been to foster homes where I’ve seen my foster sisters give birth to their children and then have them placed in the system because they weren’t taking care of them. I never want to be separated from Ricky. I want him to know his mother loves him and cares for him. I don’t want him to feel how I felt.

Photo by: Jim McGlone

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