Good Morning, RVA: Cold, dang cold

The cold weather I’ve been dreading all week is here, and it makes me sad.

Photo by: JD Hancock

Good morning, RVA! It’s 45 °F, and ugh. Temperatures may rise a couple of degrees after lunch, but if they do it’ll probably rain. Hashtag Eeyore.

Water cooler

They did it! The team over at the ESA successfully landed a thing on a comet, and here’s an incredible picture of what the surface of said comet looks like. Read the whole release–it’s kind of thrilling in a science-nerd way, a way I hope you each inspire to be.

The Southern States silo facility will host the 2015 RVA Street Art fest. Next year’s event will take place the week before The Big Bike Race, and, based on the past couple of years, should be awesome.

Here’s an incredibly uninformed and just-plain-wrong anonymous editorial in the RTD aptly titled “Net Neutrality — Beyond Dumb.” It’s insane to me that Net Neutrality is now a partisan issue. Guess what dingdongs? Comcast et al. can extort money out of conservative and liberal content providers and consumers alike–and will. Augh! Too ragey to type, must link to this The Oatmeal comic.

This is your second warning that the Richmond Marathon will close many Richmond streets this weekend. If you live in The Fan you could find yourself encircled.

This morning’s longread

Post-post post

It’s here guys, it’s finally here! The long-awaited follow up to that post about a basketball hoop. Lots of neat science to read about and some cool Prince Rupert Drop videos to watch.

Following up on last week’s post about my downed basketball hoop, a few days ago I brought an angle grinder and a few cut-off wheels home from work and turned the 9′ long, 200 lb post into five easy-to-carry pieces. The process of doing so is a good illustration of the different types of strength engineers have to consider when designing a product.

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