Good Morning, RVA: Cold beer, hot lights

The sun is the hottest of lights.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 75 °F and the day’s just begun! Today’s weather will remind you a lot of the last couple of days: highs in the low-90s, lots of sun, and plenty of humidity to go around. This weekend looks pretty OK, the heat continues and there’s a couple chances for isolated thunderstorms–overall, two sweaty thumbs up.

Water cooler

Congratulation Richmond Public School students! You survived the 2014-2015 school year and have just one half day standing between you and the relative freedom of Summer Vacation. May your mornings be late, your days be lazy, and may you watch as many reruns of Hawaii Five-O as possible.

If you’d like to stay current on the current rat’s nest that is the ballpark / children’s hospital / Boulevard development, you need to read two things this morning. First, this letter from VCU president Michael Rao and Bon Secour president Toni Ardabell reinforcing their commitment “to collaboratively advance children’s health care by improving access and coordination of care for all children in our region.” Aka to back out of the independent children’s hospital–impressive wordsmithing, there! Second, Squirrels’ owner Lou DiBella is back in print in an interview with Style Weekly’s Peter Galuszka. No real news in either of these, but good context for later.

We’re gonna need a bigger Scott’s Addition. The RTD’s Annie Tobey brings us news of The Veil, the newest brewery to call the neighborhood home–more like Scott’s Additional Liver, am I right?! The head brewer has some serious beer pedigree, the results of which I am excited to sample.

Someone writes an angry letter to the paper about Belle Isle becoming a “drunkfest”, so the police do a “safety blitz” and charge an entire eight people with breaking open container laws. If you are one of the teensy, tiniest minority that does decide to drunkenly fest on Belle Isle—or any of our wonderful parks—please, please, please, do so with canned beverages. Leave the glass at home and take your trash with you.

Charges against Martese Johnson, the UVA student who was injured while being violently arrested by ABC agents, have been dropped. Prosecutors also said that they would not pursue charges against any of the ABC officers involved in the incident.

Ha! Richmond Magazine declares The Detour Sign as the Richmonder of the month.

Just as the heat and humidity begin in earnest, Netflix drops the third season of Orange is the New Black, giving us all a reason to spend this beautiful weekend inside on the couch.


  • Squirrels lost the final game in the series with Portland, and their first game in the month of June last night, 4-5. They stick around the Diamond this weekend for a series against Erie, which beings tonight at 7:05 PM.
  • Kickers host FC Montreal tomorrow at 7:00 PM. Get your tickets!
  • Nats fell to the Brewers, 5-6. The series continues tonight at 8:10 PM.
  • DC United travels to Orlando to take on Orlando SC this Sunday at 7:00 PM.

What to expect

To send you off into the weekend, we present:

  • A high-ABV release of Beer News
  • America vs. Evil Swedes in the Women’s World Cup: A preview
  • Sarah Milston writes about the Divorce Monster and why it eats so much underwear.

This morning’s longread

Editor’s Letter

What is classier than just stopping someone and saying, “Why would you do that?” “That’s incredibly rude.” It’s not dramatic, so you could never come across as overly sensitive or self-victimizing, but it’s also not playing down the cruelty of the SP’s action in the interest of being nice. You’re honoring your feelings without playing their game; you’re standing up for yourself while maintaining your cool. Unfortunately, jeopardizing your relationship with this SP can mean sabotaging yourself if you still need something from them like a high school diploma, paycheck, et cetera, so combatting their put-downs with Tom Cruise-calmness is a safe way to maintain your dignity, while letting them know that you see what they are up to, and hopefully saving you any more put-downs in the future.

This is an Editor’s Letter from Tavi Gevinson in Rookie (which, yes, is a magazine targeted toward teenage girls) about dealing with the poisonous people in your life. I loved it! If that doesn’t sound appealing (maybe that means you’re a poisonous person?) at least watch the Tom Cruise video on page two.

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