Good Morning, RVA: Cloudy with a chance of City Council

Today’s warm weather ends in rain and a City Council meeting.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 52 °F, and today’s high is only 63 °F. Expect some clouds and maybe some rain to make their way into town this afternoon and evening–spoiling any chance of outdoor, after-work excercise you may have had.

However, winter is coming (later this week), so take advantage of the unseasonal temperatures while you can.

Water cooler

City Council meets tonight–you can find the agenda here (PDF). Included on the consent agenda, a resolution to “request that the Mayor seek regional participation in the City’s efforts to develop a minor league baseball stadium in the city of Richmond” and a resolution that the CAO issue a request for proposals “for the purpose of selecting a development company for the Boulevard site.” The agenda can change rapidly over the course of the day, so keep an eye out.

Richmond police reported February’s first homicide Saturday morning when the body of a woman was found inside a hotel on Jefferson David Highway. Police arrested and charged two men less than 12 hours later.

Did you know that you can get your growlers filled at the Short Pump Kroger?

The Grammys were last night. Many songs and albums were awarded many and various awards, all of which you can learn about here. The big winners, for those too lazy to click: Sam Smith, Beck, Lady Gaga, St. Vincent, and Eminem. Oh, and you’re definitely going to want to watch this Sia performance featuring Maddie Ziegler (from Dance Moms) and…Kristen Wiig??


Despite UVA picking up their second win against a top-15 team in as many games, they lost all-everything candidate Justin Anderson to a broken finger for at least four weeks.

Rough weekend all around, local sports fans.

  • #18 Rams allowed a last-second drive and score and lost to St. Bonaventure, 71-73.
  • Spiders couldn’t get it done against the Rhode Island Rams, losing 74-79.
  • #3 Wahoos used a strong first half to beat #9 Louisville at home.
  • Caps downed by the Flyers, 1-3.
  • Hokies fell to Florida State, take on Georgia Tech tonight at 9:00 PM after just two days rest.

This morning’s longread

Retro Running Diary: Super Bowl XLIX

If you like Bill Simmons, you’ll love Bill Simmons reliving the Super Bowl minute by minute. It’s mega long, so feel free to skip around to the good parts, like this one:

It’s like God decided, “What could be worse than the Helmet Catch? What if I created a catch under the exact same circumstances, with the exact same stakes, in the exact same building, with the exact same defense out there, only this time, the football hits seven body parts before it’s caught? Would that clinch Tyree 2.0 status? Should I throw in a couple more body parts, or are we good with seven?”

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