Good Morning, RVA: Civics! The mighty scary James! Wegmans! Skateboards!

I…think this may be the last day of rain for a while?

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 55 °F and rainy–big surprise! Rain will likely continue to fall until sometime after lunch, at which point you should start to party. Because the rest of this week’s forecast is sun, sun, sun and temperatures in the 80s. Just one more day of this! You can do it!

Water cooler

It’s an #rvacouncil night! Tonight’s agenda includes changing speed limits, parking restrictions (kind of), funding schools, kids’ brains, lawsuits, and reducing inmate populations. And that’s just the highlights. You can check out the full agenda, follow along on Twitter, and tune in to channel 57 at 6:00 PM. Now that we’re through budget season, expect a collective deep breath from citizenry and councilfolk alike. Although, keep your ears out for the audio from the informal meeting tonight–Council will hear a presentation from Selena Cuffee-Glenn on the Multi-Year School Capital Investment Funding Plan Draft Report and Analysis (PDF).

Speaking of funding schools, Teresa Cole dropped her sixth education FAQ: What would school closings really have meant? It doesn’t get much more required-reading than this piece. Set aside some time this week and learn about some of the serious, systemic challenges working against our schools. Then set aside some time to recover from a feeling of temporary hopelessness.

Speaking of hopelessness, the Richmond School Board will vote on their budget tonight. They’re trying to close a $10.9 million gap between what they asked for and what Council gave them–and they’re trying to do it without closing any schools. The RTD’s Louis Llovio has the details.

OK, OK, end of civics lesson! Here’s a hilarious video of a woman in a Chewbacca mask to cleanse your palate.

Have you ever wondered why there are no bathrooms in the James River Park System? It’s the same reason why there are no ziplines (boooo!). Phil Riggan knows this reason and would like to tell it to you.

All of this continual and oppressive rain has filled the mighty James to the brim, and it is not a place you want to swim in at the moment. WTVR says that this morning, crews will resume their search for a person spotted in the river last night. The river is awesome but serious, and this is a reminder to treat it as such.

Grocery store Xanadu (aka Wegmans) opened this past weekend to thousands of…fans I guess? People stood in line overnight!? I’ve decided that, at least for Richmond, Grocery Stores is a weird type of sport that we’re all collectively into. It’s just part of our culture to treat a new grocery store opening the same way you might a chance to hang out in Russell Wilson’s house.

We should have more skateparks in Richmond.


  • Kickers recorded their fourth straight home shutout in league play with a 0-0 draw against Louisville City FC.
  • Squirrels won two entire games this weekend, which doubled the number of games they’d won in the month of May. Tonight they begin an away series against Binghamton at 6:35 PM.
  • Nats took the series against the Marlins, 2-1. Now they’ll face the Mets tonight at 7:05 PM.

This morning’s longread

DJ Khaled Is Extra Careful Around Beyoncé

Happy Monday! Live smooth!

You’ve said that both having “a lot of pillows” and cocoa butter are keys. Which is more important? Cocoa butter. I put cocoa butter all over my face and my iconic belly and my arms and legs. Why live rough? Live smooth.

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