Good Morning, RVA: Boutique hotels, grandpas, the best meals, Julien Baker, obits, and flour

The positive weather has persevered over the pessimistic forecasts!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 67 °F, and ha!, the weather’s clearing up nicely. In your face previous forecasts! Highs in the mid 80s continue, as do the mostly clear skies, and there’s a small chance of rain later this afternoon. It’s certainly not enough to make me bring an umbrella to work or wear a jacket–you only live once, you know?

Water cooler

Alright dudes, this is the last time you will be reminded about RVANews Live #007: The State of Education, because next we speak the event will be in the past. Join us tonight, if not for the enlightening questions and conversations, then for the chance to hang out in real life! Tickets are $15 and you can snatch one up right here.

Another boutique hotel coming to downtown? Ned Oliver says…maybe? I’m not sure I knew that the Economic Development Authority had a downtown business incubator space that it wanted to get rid of, but a bit of googling leads me to RVA Works. Now I know!

I really enjoyed this piece on Grandparents, What’s The Deal? by Kelly Gerow. Having a child makes everyone involved an equal amount of crazy, and that’s comforting to me.

You can be sure that I made my most skeptical face at this headline from Discover Richmond: “26 Favorite Dishes from Richmond-Area Restaurants.” But, turns out, they checked almost all of my overly-snobby boxes–including carnitas from La Milpa! Now, I must know, what’s missing and what would you include?

The A.V. Club does a thing each year where they invite 25 bands to cover 25 songs, in a first-come-first-serve kind of way. Julien Baker, who’s on local label 6131, covered Death Cab For Cutie’s “Photobooth”. I felt unexpected Richmond emotions on seeing GWAR scrawled on the wall behind her.

For the entire summer, the New York Times will reach back into their massive archive of obituaries and feature some of the lives that once were. Today, on the anniversary of her death, they feature Helen Keller.

E. Coli in flour?! This is a thing that I did not was possible. The connection between General Mills flour and a multi-state E. Coli outbreak seems tenuous, but, hey, better safe than sorry, I guess?


  • Squirrels were absolutely dominated, 0-10, by Bowie. Let’s forget that ever happened and focus on today’s double header which begins at 5:05 PM.
  • With yesterday’s 5-1 win over Philly, the Nats have put together a little three-game win streak. Tonight at 7:05 PM, they close out the series with the Phillies (and look for the sweep).

This morning’s longread

I Got High With My Mom at HempCon

Normal people want to smoke weed for normal-people reasons, but, unfortunately for everyone involved, potheads still exist.

The sole virtue of this motel is that it is within walking distance of Hempcon, “America’s Largest Medical Marijuana Show,” a several-times-yearly display of all that is newly decriminalized in the world of pot and newly discovered in the world of ailments that can be treated with marijuana, which is apparently all of them. Being within walking distance was necessary because my mother is an ultra-Orthodox Jew, and Hempcon weekend includes a Shabbos (like all weekends do) and my mother will not take a cab or train on Shabbos. But as bad as she wanted the weed, she wanted to live through the weekend, as well. In other words, we were desperate, but not this desperate.

Pair this article with this episode of the Another Round podcast which talks about marijuana as a legit means of reducing menstrual pain and pain cause by endometriosis. As an added bonus, there’s a mostly NSFW game of FMK with…Republican strategists?

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