Good Morning, RVA: Big, fat lies

So I may have lied to you yesterday, but I’m not lying to you about tomorrow!

Good morning, RVA! It’s 52 °F, and I lied to you. Yesterday, I said that by this morning you could say goodbye to gloomtown central and hello to springy wonderfulness. You can do neither. The sky will remain cloudy and the afternoon will bring with it a small chance of rain. Accessorize accordingly.

Tomorrow, though…man, does tomorrow look nice!

Water cooler

Police are reporting the city’s ninth homicide, this one on the 3500 block of Patrick Avenue near the racetrack. At 11:53 PM last night, police arrived to find a man shot to death in a car.

Students from Fairfield Court Elementary in the city’s East End will head to Clark Springs Elementary for the remainder of the year after a leaky ceiling forced the building to close. New Richmond Schools Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden says the situation is “a crisis right now” and will push for constructing new, modern schools. UPDATE: Style Weekly's cover story focuses on the depressing state of disrepair in which some of Richmond's schools sit.

Today’s winning headline comes from WTVR: “Police set traps after mysterious horse attack.” From the article: “‘I heard a big loud woof, woof. He was in my pasture with my mini horse. My mini horse was screaming,’ horse owner Marianne Yakelewicz said.”

Vox has a nice explainer about the recently discovered Heartbleed exploit found in OpenSSL. Basically, determined hackers can gain access to sensitive information on a majority of the world’s servers (or gain access to the servers directly). As a user there’s nothing you can do to protect yourself other than go full Salinger and recluse for the internet entirely. Once the majority of the world updates their servers, we should be good to go.

Jim Hellwig, who you might know as wrestling’s The Ultimate Warrior, has died at 54.

This morning’s longread

The dollar-and-cents case against Hollywood’s exclusion of women

Movies that pass the Bechdel Test tend to make more money with smaller budgets.


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